MG ZS 100 Percent Electric roads Newest EV in Turkey

In the face of the new electric mg zs way home turkiyede
In the face of the new electric mg zs way home turkiyede

Dogan Dogan Holding, which operates under the umbrella of the distributorship in Turkey Trend Automotive undertaken by legendary British-based car brand MG, the first model was introduced in Turkey: ZS 100% electric EV.

Turkey's most accessible 100% electric SUV on the road with the goal of becoming the ZS EV, 7-year-150 thousand km battery also covers manufacturer's warranty, NCAP 5-star safety, MG Pilot technology level L2 autonomous driving and our country will be the first time the circuit MG It aims to stand out with its Value Protection Program. It aims to make a fast entry with the turnkey sales price starting from 394 thousand TL and the value protection application that will eliminate the question marks in the minds of those who are thinking of buying an electric car for the first time. Those who want to meet with electric cars from April 12 By visiting, they will be able to own MG ZS EVs with pre-sale.

Founded in England in 1924, MG has re-entered several European markets as of 2019 under the name MG Electric. Electric MG models, which are also offered for sale in countries such as England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Sweden, managed to enter the top 10 in many markets where competition is intense.

MG's electric compact SUV model ZS EV was launched in our country as part of the brand's growth plans in the European market. 394 thousand TL remarkable starting price turnkey ZS EV, Turkey stands out as the most accessible 100% electric SUV model. Doğan Trend Otomotiv CEO Kağan Dağtekin made a statement regarding the issue and said, “We are excited to offer MG's high-tech ZS EV model for sale in our country after Europe, where it received great interest. Representing the MG brand has given us great excitement since the first day of the project. As soon as we used the tool, this excitement turned into a strong trust and encouraged us to create such an ambitious launch program. As Doğan Trend Otomotiv, we aim to become the segment leader by offering ZS EV to our customers with the slogan 'You have never been this close to 100 percent electric' ”.

The rising trend in the world is electric vehicles and SUVs!

Underlining that electric vehicles and SUVs are rapidly growing segments in the world automotive market, Kağan Dağtekin emphasized that sales of electric and hybrid cars in both Europe and China exceeded 1 million units last year and stated that 2020 was a year of complete change. Kağan Dağtekin said, “2020 has been a year when consumers started to see electric vehicles as a part of their lives. One of the side effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected the whole world, was that it created an environment where people question our damage to the environment and increased awareness. With the effect of these and regulations, 2021 out of every 7 vehicles sold in Europe in 1 is expected to be electric, ”he said. Dağtekin pointed out that last year electric vehicle sales in Norway exceeded the sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines and that electric vehicles in the Netherlands had a 20% share in the total market. “China has been the world's largest market for electric cars so far. "Electric car sales in Europe surpassed China for the first time in 2020, but China will continue to be a leader in electric vehicle technology with its knowledge, experience and production power."

World giant SAIC gave life to British MG with electricity!

Reminding that the British MG brand operates under the Chinese automotive giant SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation), Kağan Dağtekin said; "It should be underlined that SAIC, which is the 130th largest automotive manufacturer in the world with a turnover of 7 billion dollars, in partnership with Volkswagen and GM, is the 3rd in the world after Tesla and Volkswagen when it comes to electrics," he said. Dağtekin also gave information about the breakthroughs made by MG under the umbrella of SAIC and said, “With a strong history of nearly 100 years, MG came under SAIC's wing in 2007; After completing its global restructuring in 2018, it grew rapidly and reached a significant sales volume. SAIC has focused mainly on electric and SUV models with the MG brand in line with emerging trends in the world. Last year, MG sold more than half a million vehicles worldwide. The brand, which entered the European market in 2019, is present in 14 countries, including France, Germany, Norway, Italy and Spain. By rapidly expanding its network, MG now serves its customers at around 230 sales points in its homeland of England and continental Europe. The ZS EV, the first model offered for sale by the brand in Europe, became one of the most successful cars in its segment and is the 6th best-selling car in the UK; 7th best selling electric car in Norway kazanWhile in the Netherlands, it managed to enter the top 10. According to what SAIC officials conveyed to us, they are very satisfied with the performance of the MG brand in Europe.”

Pre-sale conditions: Fix the price until the end of May with 40 thousand TL deposit and get the Wallbox charger for free!

With a special pre-sale campaign, MG ZS EV in Comfort equipment level is offered with a turnkey sales price of 394 thousand TL and a higher Luxury equipped model with a turnkey sales price of 409 thousand TL. These prices are valid until the end of May and include the installation with a free Wallbox smart charger for pre-sale. MG ZS EV buyers, who give a deposit of 40 thousand TL, will start to receive their cars from the end of May.

With the MG ValueGuard Value Protection Program, question marks are eliminated!

Dogan Trend Automotive MG ZS eV, which stressed that the supply in a way that non-market order in Turkey Dağtekin, "Who are the customers we offer a special buy-back guarantee to erase all the question marks on your mind about the electric car. With this program called MG ValueGuard, which we created with the power of, a Doğan Trend Otomotiv initiative, which preserves the value of the vehicle, we say that if our customer wants to replace their vehicle with another MG at the end of 1 year, we will exchange ZS EV Luxury for 390 thousand TL. . In other words, we will guarantee to buy the car we sold for 409 thousand TL for 390 thousand TL. We have full confidence in our vehicle, but we will guarantee our customers who feel that they cannot adapt to life with an electric vehicle, to get their vehicles back for 370 thousand TL ”. is online on April 12

MG Turkey April 12, which will be implemented in the website visitors to MG's 100-year history, will have access to detailed information on ZS EV. MG also Turkey's electric car will be able to see the videos that have been prepared with information about life Tunçyürek Commandments.

Turkey's first electric compact suv's of

Giving information about the vehicle, MG Turkey Brand Director Tolga Kucukyumuk said, “The new MG ZS EV is one that follows the innovations and technology closely; It is designed for drivers who care about quality and desire a sustainable transportation without compromising their lifestyle. The ZS EV blends a contemporary SUV design with the latest in electric vehicle technology. The MG ZS EV has an electric motor that produces 143 HP (105 kW) and 353 Nm of torque. The 44,5 kWh battery feeding the engine allows a range of 263 km (WLTP). With a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 8,1 seconds, the new MG ZS EV offers the opportunity to charge its battery up to 40% in just 80 minutes with DC charging. MG ZS EV, which offers its users the opportunity to reach 100% charge level of the vehicle in 7 hours from an AC charger at home or at work, stands out as an ideal choice for urban life. It has 3 different driving modes and 3 different levels of energy recovery.kazanWith the regeneration system (KERS), which offers the option of IM, the ZS EV responds to all the needs of the user, while allowing its range to be controlled.”

Exterior design - Contemporary and traditional

The new MG ZS EV reflects the passion and creativity of the brand's “SAIC Advanced Design” Studio in London and the SAIC Design Center in Shanghai. Both design teams have worked diligently to develop an electric vehicle that is stylish, premium and accessible. In an age where electric and hybrid vehicles are turning to futuristic designs, the ZS EV takes a bold approach using the design of MG's best-selling ZS SUV. The ZS EV shows that it is a car designed with a contemporary approach, with its well-proportioned dimensions and body equipped with strong lines. Inspired by the brand's heritage and proud of its history, the large MG logo that fills the middle of the front grille stands out as one of the most striking elements of the design. Pressing on the MG logo reveals the cleverly hidden charging port. The eye-shaped daytime running lights and taillights with LED technology give the ZS EV a distinctive look. kazanyelling.

Mobility with smooth surfaces running along the profile of the car, recess in the lower body and strong shoulder line kazanWhile prominent fender arches reinforce the dynamism. The 17-inch, modernly designed wheels that support the sporty look increase the range of the car with their aerodynamic structures. With a length of 4.314 mm, a width of 1.809 mm and a height of 1.620 mm, the ZS EV is a compact size agile and dynamic SUV. Rich, assertive colors such as the ZS EV-specific Bosphorus Blue further emphasize the car's aerodynamic body and dynamic character.

MG ZS EV - Developed for families

MG ZS EV, a stylish, practical electric SUV developed with families in mind, has a structure that meets all the needs of families, including weekend trips and sporting events. With its spacious interior, MG ZS EV stands out as one of the most spacious vehicles in its class. The MG ZS EV offers a unique driving experience for both driver and passengers, with segment-leading legroom, an additional 55 mm shoulder room for rear seat passengers and a rear ceiling height of 80 mm above the segment average. Solutions such as the storage space under the center console, offered thanks to the additional space provided by a flat floor, support ease of use. Thanks to the 60-liter luggage and two-level luggage floor, which is an average of 448 liters larger than the SUV models in its segment, there is plenty of room for strollers, suitcases, outdoor sports equipment or weekly grocery shopping. Thanks to the rear seats folded in two parts, luggage volume reaches up to 1.116 liters (DPA). 75 kg roof luggage capacity supports functionality as well as storage areas scattered around different parts of the vehicle. MG ZS EV, which can also be equipped with a bicycle carrier, offers a carrying capacity of 75 kg drawbar.

Inside the cockpit, soft materials and contrasting tones create an attractive atmosphere. 3-dimensional forms, metallic and chrome surfaces and carbon textures give the interior a dynamic air. kazanyelling. The panoramic and opening glass roof with an area of ​​1.2 m2 offered in the Luxury equipment version brings a brighter and more spacious interior. The new Rotary Gear Selection Controller, which allows the driver to select Drive (D), Neutral (N) and Reverse (R), adds an elegant flair to the MG ZS EV's interior. Thanks to the Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes, it is possible for the driver to determine the driving style and range of the vehicle. A button in the middle of the remote puts the vehicle in Park (P) mode. Technology, with the advanced infotainment system located in the middle of the dashboard, is the core element of the ZS EV's interior. 8-inch large touchscreen; It offers comfort and ease of use with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility. The ergonomic multi-function steering wheel offers additional ease of use. While the heated and electric leather seats offered in the Luxury version offer a superior level of comfort for both the driver and the passengers, the high seating position unique to SUV vehicles provides a commanding drive.

MG ZS EV - Battery, engine, range and charging

The water-cooled lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 44,5 kWh offers a driving range of up to 263 km on a single charge according to the WLTP norm. With the city cycle of WLTP, the range reaches 372 km. The permanent magnet synchronous electric motor mounted on the front axle provides 353 Nm of instantaneous torque and produces 143 kW of power, equivalent to 105 PS. With the power transferred to the front wheels, MG ZS EV completes 8,2-0 km / h acceleration in 100 seconds and reaches a top speed of 140 km / h.

The MG ZS EV also regenerates energy. kazanIt also offers a three-level regenerative braking feature called KERS to increase speed and extend range. Thanks to this system, the electric motor converts the kinetic energy that would normally be wasted during standard braking into electricity when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal. The energy obtained is directed to batteries and used to extend the driving range. With the KERS adjustment button located just behind the gear control, the driver can provide three different energy recovery to suit his driving style. kazanYou can choose one of the IM levels. The first level applies a small amount of regeneration using mostly vehicle braking. Level three, intense energy back kazanIt implements the IM process, making it possible to drive with almost a single pedal with minimum brake requirement. This extends the life of parts, increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. The 18-cell battery pack weighs 280 kg and offers impressive performance without producing any emissions. Managed by MG's Intelligent Battery Temperature Control system, the battery pack is insulated from outside temperature changes, providing optimum power and range in all weather conditions.

The ZS EV is fitted as standard with a practical automatic transmission controlled by the Rotary Gear Selector in the center console. The transmission provides a smooth and calm ride in different driving conditions, including intense stop-start. Designed to achieve superior driving dynamics and superior handling characteristics, the chassis and powertrain of the ZS EV are designed to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. The battery pack positioned under the passenger cabin, with the advantage of the flat floor architecture, kazanIt offers superior cornering performance with its balanced weight distribution.

Charging the ZS EV is very easy thanks to the CCS and Type 2 port mounted on the front grille for easy access from both sides of the vehicle. CCS socket is an advanced version of Type 2 socket with two additional power contacts for fast charging and supporting AC and DC charging type. With its fast charging feature, ZS EV can be charged to 50 percent in just 40 minutes in a 80 kW DC charging station. The ZS EV can be fully charged in about 7.4 hours with a standard 6 KW household charger at home. The vehicle can also be charged with a standard 3-pin plug in emergencies.

MG Pilot - Driving assistance system

The ZS EV, a family-friendly electric SUV, is one of the most technologically advanced and most advanced models developed by MG and offers additional driving safety with the MG Pilot driving assistance system with L2 autonomy. MG Pilot, offered in both versions of the ZS EV, Comfort and Luxury, also incorporates the Active Emergency Braking feature. The system automatically brakes to prevent a collision whether it is a car, bicycle or pedestrian at speeds below 20 km / h, reducing the likelihood or impact of an accident at speeds above 20 km / h.

Using a clever combination of multi-angle radars, MG Pilot stands out as the best companion both in congested city traffic and on long journeys. Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) keeps the ZS EV safely in its lane by following the road lines. If the driver unintentionally goes out of the lane, the Lane Departure Warning and Prevention System warns the driver before actively intervenes. MG Pilot also intervenes when it detects that the vehicle is off the road. MG Pilot, which activates the Emergency Lane Tracking system, intervenes in the steering wheel to keep the vehicle on the road. The 360 ​​degree radar system also detects that the vehicle is heading towards a vehicle in the side lane and intervenes to prevent a possible accident.

ZS EV users can enjoy a comfortable and calm driving experience with MG Pilot's Adaptive Cruise Control System. By determining the speed and following distance, the driver tells MG Pilot to automatically adjust the speed to follow the vehicle ahead from a safe distance. When the road is cleared, MG Pilot accelerates and accelerates the vehicle to the set speed. When Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is active, the Traffic Assist (TJA) System helps keep the vehicle in lane at speeds of 60 km / h and above, with minimal steering intervention from the driver. Intelligent Speed ​​Limiting Assistant (SAS) detects speed limit signs and shows the driver the current speed limit in conjunction with satellite navigation. MG Pilot also includes the Traffic Assistant feature, which automatically follows the vehicle ahead at speeds below 56 km / h and manages steering, braking and throttle functions by keeping it in the same lane. ZS EV does the same if the vehicle in front comes to a complete stop and moves again in a short time.

In addition to active driving support systems, MG Pilot supports driving safety with various warnings and facilitates daily driving. Equipped with the Forward Collision Warning System, the MG Pilot's front radars trigger a warning message when the previous vehicle decelerates quickly, giving time for successful emergency braking. kazanyelling. Systems such as the Blind Spot Warning System and Lane Change Assist, offered in the Luxury equipment package, provide additional driving safety. The Blind Spot Warning system, which monitors the rear of the vehicle's C pillars, warns the driver with a warning light integrated in the side mirror if there is a vehicle in the blind spot. Possible accidents are prevented with the Rear Cross Traffic Alert System and Door Opening Warning System, which are also offered in higher versions.

Superior safety level with 5 stars and driving assistance systems from Euro NCAP

The new MG ZS EV also stands out with its superior level of security. MG ZS EV has become one of the highest rated vehicles in its segment with the results of the tests performed by the independent collision safety organization Euro NCAP with its safety features and thus registered its superior security level with the highest rating score of 5 stars. MG ZS EV protects its passengers in the best way with its energy absorbing chassis and steel cage with 18.400 Nm of torsion resistance. MG ZS EV is at the same level with other electric cars such as Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC and Tesla Model 3 with these security elements.

MG ZS EV other than that; Intelligent High Beam Assist (IHC), e-Call, ABS with EBD, ESP, Brake and Hill Start Assist, Auto Hold, SAS Speed ​​Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) It is offered with an extremely rich hardware level such as.

MG ZS EV Specs

  • Length: 4.314 mm
  • Width: 1.809 mm
  • Height: 1.644 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.585 mm
  • Empty weight: 1.518 kg
  • Battery: 44,5 kWh
  • Charging time AC: 7 hours
  • Charging time 0 - 80% 40 min
  • Electric motor: PMS motor
  • Maximum power: 105 kW (142,8 HP)
  • Maximum torque: 353 Nm
  • maximum speed: 140 km / h
  • Range NEDC: 335 km
  • Range WLTP: 263 km
  • Range at 60 km / h: 428 km
  • Energy consumption: 13,8 kWh / 100 km (NEDC)
  • Acceleration 0-50 km / h: 3,1 sec
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 8,2 sec
  • Trunk volume: 448 liters

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