Indispensable of Social Distance Vacation 'Rental Car'

The indispensable of social distancing holiday rental car
The indispensable of social distancing holiday rental car

The reservations brought by the risk of contamination during the pandemic process highlighted the rental vehicles instead of public transportation. More acceleration with the summer months of car rental kazanTuran Mutlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the domestic car rental company TurMobil, said, "Rental vehicles have become a part of not only urban transportation, but also social distance holiday plans."

Transportation has been one of the most affected areas of social life during the pandemic process. While public transportation was approached at a distance due to the risk of contamination, those who had difficulty in meeting the cost of new and second-hand vehicles due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate preferred to rent a car. According to a report prepared in cooperation with the Association of All Car Rental Organizations and the research company Nielsen, the sector, which reached a size of 2020 billion TL in 39,6, added 57 thousand 500 new vehicles to its fleet in the last year. Especially with the approach of summer months, car rental, which has become more widespread as of 2021, has gained a serious momentum. kazanis predicted. Turan Mutlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TurMobil, a car, caravan, transfer and boat rental company, said, “Rental vehicles have become a part of not only urban transportation but also social distance holiday plans. "Due to travel restrictions, holiday routes are being converted from abroad to domestic, and public transportation vehicles such as planes and buses are being replaced by rental vehicles and VIP vehicles," he said.

"Interest in caravans, transfers and catamarans has increased"

Turan Mutlu stated that the isolated holiday, which is among the trends of the new normal, also affects the habits of renting a car. Moreover, this trend is gaining momentum at a time when we are still in the process of experiencing a pandemic. kazanwas. Now, we have gotten used to living with precautions for more than a year and have learned better how to protect ourselves from the virus. For this reason, we can say that a much larger audience will tend to an isolated holiday than the previous year. On the other hand, rental car preferences are also diversifying. Since people stay in their homes for a long time, they make plans to be in touch with nature. This, in particular, increases the interest in renting caravans, boats and catamarans. In addition, we can say that the demand for transfer service with VIP vehicles, which we offer online reservation service, has experienced a serious acceleration during the pandemic period. he said.

"We gathered all transportation solutions under one roof for the first time and made them accessible with a single click."

Turan Mutlu pointed out that car rental, like many habits during the pandemic process, is in a serious digital transformation, and mentioned the online car rental services they offer:

“As TurMobil, we gathered all transportation solutions on our online platform for the first time under one roof and made them accessible with a single click. Car rental in this area in Turkey, caravans, catamaran rental and private VIP vehicles are the only company that offers a combination of services and transfers.

We provide services through our rental offices in Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen Airport), Istanbul (Hilton Bosphorus), Ankara, Izmir (Adnan Menderes Airport), Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, Trabzon Airport and Fethiye, and we offer in accordance with all hygiene and disinfection rules. We respond to all kinds of needs with land and sea transportation vehicles. Turkey's 9 points, 2 more than a thousand cars to large fleet owners as well as our caravan and we continue to rapidly grow our catamaran. Moreover, we are breaking grounds in these areas as well. turmobil Sailing, even today the company only has Europe's catamaran charter fleet Turkey. TurMobil Karavan is the first company in our country to offer online caravan rental services. "

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