First Phase of Diyarbakır Light Rail System Project Complete

The first stage in diyarbakir light rail system project is complete
The first stage in diyarbakir light rail system project is complete

📩 22/04/2021 16:38

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has taken the first step towards the rail system that citizens have been waiting for for many years. Governor Münir Karaloğlu ordered the Transportation Master Plan to be revised in order to increase the comfort of public transportation and transportation in the city when he took office.

2040 Transportation Master Plan prepared by taking the target year for the city's light rail system, which in many big cities in Turkey drew attention to the importance. Thereupon, the Metropolitan Municipality took action to implement a light rail system that will ease public transportation in the city.

The system will be implemented in three stages as project design, construction and vehicle purchase.

Planned to be put into service in 2023

The light rail system, which is planned to be built between Dağkapı and Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital in order to provide more comfortable transportation services to citizens, will be 14.1 kilometers long and will consist of 23 stations.

The Department of Transportation will follow the route of Dağkapı-Ali Emiri Caddesi- Hintbaba Caddesi- Ekinciler- Turgut Özal Boulevard-Diclekent Boulevard-Mastfroş Avenue, which will start from Fiskaya, and complete the rail system line that will end in the warehouse area to be built in the Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital area in 2023. It plans to put it at the service of citizens.

When completed, it will carry 74 thousand 342 passengers per day

The tram line, which will change the face of the city, will carry about 74 thousand 342 passengers per day in the year it is put into operation.

In 2040, the target year of the Transportation Master Plan, the daily passenger carrying capacity is expected to be 132 thousand 25 people.

The 5 strongest companies in their field bid for the project

The Department of Transportation carried out the tender for the project of the light rail system, which it plans to implement in order to provide comfortable, safe and cheap public transportation services to citizens.

"Application of the Principles of Maintenance Work Final Project" gave the strongest bid in the tender 5 companies in this field in Turkey.

The bids submitted will be decided after being evaluated by the tender commission.

The Metropolitan Municipality will complete the 6-month period given for the procurement of application projects earlier, and move on to the implementation phase.

diyarbakir light rail system project
diyarbakir light rail system project

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