Cappadocia Turkey's First Twin Luxury Train Express Road Quits

The first bed luxury train turkiyenin kapadokya express road is cikiyor
The first bed luxury train turkiyenin kapadokya express road is cikiyor

Center conducted between Turkey and Japan in the HIS Group and Sun Express will begin with the Cappadocia, Turkey's first "Twin Luxury Train Tour" project of the signatures were discarded.

Head of the Presidential Investment Office signing ceremony, Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu, Sun Group Chairman Murat Atik Abdul Karim and joined HIS Turkey General Manager H. Emre Ozkan.

HIS Turkey General Manager Emre Ozkan, expressed that dream project for themselves the project, the Investment Office said that a key a role here too.

Ozkan, noting the importance of the project in terms of tourism it said: "In particular, our company is to begin on these projects will provide Japanese tourists in Turkey after Turkey much more to come. The Cappadocia Express will provide transportation by train. Especially in the world, there is a lot of demand for train transportation, serious investments are made here.

With the train journey, we will include many more cities in this transportation in a much wider framework. Our country has many beautiful places, the beginning of the project is Cappadocia, but then we will extend it to Eastern Anatolia-Southeastern Anatolia, Black Sea. The journey will start between Istanbul and Cappadocia in the first place, and then we plan it as a tourism railway line covering the country. The initial investment cost of the project is 40 million Euros, and our goal is to reach 200 tourists annually. "

The train ride that guests Özkan stating that more tourists have exceeded the retirement age of the scope of the project 5 thousand euros per person with tourism revenue they aim to provide about EUR 1 billion contribution to Turkey's economy told.

Özkur said, “The Cappadocia Express should be thought of as two 5-star hotels, there will be mutual voyages. It will be operational within this year, until the end of the year, ”he said.

First private passenger transport license

Sun Group Chairman Abdul Karim Murat Atik Group as they start commercial operation in 1993, several railways in Turkey to date, high-speed trains and said that they carried out successful operations in urban rail projects.

Turkey 25 years in the railway sector they work in the Waste striking, gave the following information: "on December 28, 2020 we have received from the Ministry of Transportation for Turkey's first private passenger transport license railways. We started our activities in this field by obtaining the first Special Railway Train Operator Authorization Certificate in the field of passenger transportation. Together with the Japanese company HIS Global, we have started our studies for the operation of bed trains for tourism purposes with an investment of 40 million Euros under the name of Cappadocia Express. "

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