Suggestions for Those Who Want to Grow Plants at Home

Suggestions for those who want to grow plants at home
Suggestions for those who want to grow plants at home

Growing flowers, plants and even small vegetables and fruits is among the most relaxing pursuits of recent times. The number of people who want to get away from the stress of the pandemic and spend time at home or in the office with an enjoyable hobby is increasing day by day. However, the fading of flowers and other different plants, their short life span, problems with their vitality and brightness draw attention as the leading problems of this relaxing and enjoyable pursuit.

More plants are grown at home

Harun Karakuş, Agricultural Consultant of Bacteco, which offers plant nutrition products, says that the pandemic has increased the interest not only in flowers but also in vegetable and fruit cultivation and agriculture at home. Karakuş states that the same orientation is also in the world: “According to a study conducted in England last year, the second most popular activity performed at home after watching television during the pandemic period stands out as growing plants and agriculture at home. While plants seem to prevent even cooking, another study conducted in the United States and Canada shows that one in two people (2% of those surveyed) grow at least one type of fruit or vegetable at home during the pandemic period. 51% of these people say they started growing vegetables or fruits at home for the first time with the pandemic. "

5 suggestions for those who want to grow plants or farm at home with their own means

Harun Karakuş shares his special suggestions for those who dream of a tiny garden in their home or workplace, as well as those who want to grow organic fruit or vegetables on their balcony or farm at home:

1. Get detailed information about the plant you want to grow: If you do not have experience with soil and plant growing, first get to know the plants or the vegetables and fruits you will grow. Because every plant, vegetable and fruit has its own unique climate, soil and cultivation characteristics.

2. Create the necessary conditions: It is important to provide the necessary environment and conditions for the plant, fruit or vegetable to be grown. Providing appropriate light for roots and leaves, arranging the space, using pots or areas of suitable size, using umbrellas or awnings if plants that do not like the sun are to be grown, and keeping the soil moist are among the factors that should be considered first.

3.Choose the right soil: The soil for the plant you want to grow should be fertile, well-drained to drain excess water and rich in nutrients. You can easily obtain the suitable soil from the stores that sell garden products.

4. Be patient: Spend time for this relaxing hobby, which you can enjoy at any age, for the plants, vegetables or fruits you want to grow, be patient. It is very important to observe every stage of their growth and to ensure the continuity of environmental conditions.

5. Use formulas that extend the life span of plants: Grooming kits and products offer visible solutions to the problems you experience while growing plants in a few days. Thanks to the ingredients and vitamins in its formulas, it meets all the nutritional needs of plants. While it ensures the prolongation of the life span of the plants, the greener and healthier leaves, the vitality and brightness of the plants, it also helps the harmful insects stay away from the plants.

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