Citrix Technologies Transformed At Red Bull Racing Honda

Red Bull Racing Honda Conversion was done with Citrix Technologies
Red Bull Racing Honda Conversion was done with Citrix Technologies

Formula 1 fever flared up again. The great excitement continues in the pandemic. Red Bull Racing Honda, one of the important teams of the race, also switched from the traditional working model to the remote working model in a year full of uncertainties, disruptions and constantly changing plans.

Red Bull Racing Honda quickly adapted to the process and learned lessons from the process. Red Bull Racing Honda added strength to the driver's lineup with Mexican Sergio Perez, who joined former member Max Verstappen. By combining the experience of the pilots, the rest of the team can focus on developing new cars. Despite the restrictions, the team also achieved an incredible amount of work in the off-season period.

In this process, Citrix technologies were present at every stage in addition to Red Bull Racing Honda in the transformation required.

Citrix technology signature in the seamless transition

In the Ekpte, almost half of the employees of all teams that needed to stay connected, including finance, marketing, HR and IT, had to work from home. Remote workers also make up a large part of the team's engineering resources. These employees also play a key role in the team's preparation for the next season. The benefit of being able to work remotely during this difficult period was extremely important, and the Red Bull Racing Honda team made this seamless transition possible with Citrix technology.

The off-season period for the engineering teams at Red Bull Racing Honda is also very critical. Citrix this era allowed engineers and key members of staff to truly interact with the same tools they normally use in the field and work as similar to the normal setup as possible without being in the same building with their colleagues.

The 2021 season is full of challenges and opportunities

It was incredibly important to share information and access vehicles with team members waiting at the factory side. Heavy-loaded vehicles normally used in the factory, such as the CIS drawings, now have more track-side access thanks to Citrix. During the test, the mechanics on the runway line; For the first time, they can assemble new car parts as a whole, analyze and analyze BDT models live and in real time, and see exactly how new parts will be assembled. This access provided by Citrix incredibly helps the team to pull heavy data and run it remotely. In this way, mechanics and engineers, who can directly see the three-dimensional car model, can work faster and more efficiently.

Citrix also benefits the racing team, with more engineers virtually accessing track line information, whether at the UK headquarters or at home. Citrix gives the Red Bull Racing Honda team the flexibility to edit data and make instant changes and improvements to the car as needed.

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