Prosecutor Accuses Machinist and Deputy in Egypt Train Crash

The mechanic and his assistant were not on duty in the egypt train accident
The mechanic and his assistant were not on duty in the egypt train accident

In the prosecutor's office report on the train accident that took place in Egypt on March 26, which killed 20 people and injured two hundred people, it was announced that neither the mechanic nor his assistant were in control during the accident.

In addition, in the prosecutor's report, it was stated that the assistant of the train driver and the rail system officer of the stationary train were under the influence of tramadol, the powerful drug they took, and another was found to be using cannabis.

It is known that Tramadol, a powerful pain reliever, which is a synthetic opioid, is used by some people for narcotics.

On March 440, two passenger trains collided, near the village of Sema Garb in the city of Suhac, 26 kilometers south of Egypt's capital, Cairo, and it was reported that at least 20 people died and 199 people were injured in the accident. In the previous statement, the loss of life was announced as 32.

According to the investigation report, which the prosecutor shared with the public on Sunday, the mechanic and his assistant were not in the driver's cabin contrary to their allegations at the time of the accident.

In footage from a surveillance camera recording, a moving train hits another stationary train and lifts a car into the air.

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