Important Duties Fall on the Relatives of Patients in Parkinson's Disease

Patients with Parkinson's disease have important tasks for their relatives
Patients with Parkinson's disease have important tasks for their relatives

April 11 is recognized worldwide as World Parkinson's Disease Day. Turkey Parkinson's Disease Association President Prof. Dr. Raif Çakmur states that Parkinson's disease management is a team work.

Parkinson's is defined as a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. 10 million in the world, in Turkey is estimated to be around 150 thousand Parkinson's disease. It is estimated that approximately 10 thousand new diagnoses are made every year in our country. Symptoms such as tremors, muscle stiffness, and slow movement are most common in Parkinson's disease, and these symptoms may gradually worsen as the disease progresses. In patients with advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, falls and balance disorder are common, and patients may not be able to perform their daily tasks without assistance.

In order to create public awareness and awareness about Parkinson's disease, April 11 is accepted as World Parkinson's Disease Day all over the world. World Parkinson's Disease Day in the comments for Turkey Parkinson's Disease Association President Prof. Dr. Raif Çakmur; He stated that the harmony of the physician, patient and patient relatives is one of the most important factors in terms of disease management.

Prof. Dr. Raif Çakmur said, “In the later stages of the disease, symptoms such as tremors, muscle stiffness and slow movement may gradually get worse. For this reason, falls and difficulty in walking may increase in advanced stage Parkinson's disease. " said. Stating that especially the relatives of the patients have a great job, Prof. Dr. Raif Çakmur stated that small details to be considered in daily life can help increase the comfort of life of Parkinson's patients. "If your relative with Parkinson's disease has difficulty in movements, choosing clothes that are easy to wear, fixing items such as carpets in the home environment, putting together cables and removing obstacles, if any, makes your patient's daily life easier." said. Prof. Dr. Çakmur said, “Advanced stage Parkinson's patients became inactive because they could not socialize sufficiently due to the curfew restrictions over the age of 65 applied during the pandemic period. In addition, we observed that during this period, the patients did not go to the hospital due to the risk of infection and that they disrupted the doctor's controls. he stated. He advised that especially advanced stage Parkinson's patients should regularly check their physician during this period.

Çakmur; “It is of great importance that the disease is diagnosed early and the process is determined by experts from the beginning. With timely and correct intervention, it is possible to control the symptoms of the disease. " he spoke.

Photos taken by Parkinson's patients became postcards

Parkinson's patients and patients with Parkinson's Association of Turkey consists of members of the patients' relatives were also published this year in their social media accounts to prepare postcards from photos taken by Parkinson's patients in order to create awareness about the disease.

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