Over 200 Thousand Drug Pills Seized at Kapıkule Customs Gate

Over a thousand drug pills seized at Kapikule Gumruk Gate
Over a thousand drug pills seized at Kapikule Gumruk Gate

Ministry of Trade Customs Enforcement teams Kapitan Andreevo customs gate operations performed in a truck hidden in the ceiling of the attractive packages arriving in Turkey a total of 208 thousand 872 pieces of drug pills were seized.

In the analysis conducted by the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement for the vehicles arriving at Kapıkule Customs Gate, the information obtained regarding a truck deemed risky was shared with the Edirne Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate in order to check.

In the light of the information conveyed, necessary measures were taken and the suspect truck was kept under surveillance from the moment it entered the customs area. Suspicious density was found in the roof section of the tractor truck of the truck, which was sent for X-ray scanning. In a search with narcotic detector dogs, after the dogs reacted to the same compartment, the guards found that there were 20 black packages in a sack hidden here.

When the packages were taken out and opened, 52 drug pills weighing 208 kilograms were seized.

While the narcotic pills worth approximately 12 million 500 thousand liras were seized, together with the truck used for their transportation; Two people determined to be related to the incident were detained. The investigation is continuing.

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