End Benign Prostate Growth with Holep Treatment

No benign prostate enlargement with holep treatment
No benign prostate enlargement with holep treatment

Prostate enlargement seen in men in advanced ages may continue to grow at different rates until the end of a person's life. Saying that benign prostate enlargement generally negatively affects the quality of life of patients, and can lead to kidney failure in patients with delayed treatment, Prof. Dr. Fatih Altunrende gave information about 'New generation treatment method in benign prostate enlargement'.

Prostate diseases can turn the lives of elderly men into a nightmare. With the developing health technology in recent years, many new treatment methods have emerged. One of these methods was HoLEP, the new generation treatment method used in benign prostate enlargement.

Holep can be defined as a method based on the principle of removing a large part of the prostate gland with the help of laser with a closed method in patients with benign prostate enlargement who do not benefit from drug treatment. Although its application requires a great experience in terms of surgery, it can only be applied in hospitals with advanced technological equipment.

It is seen in half of men over the age of 50

Benign prostate enlargement, which is seen in about half of men over the age of 50, seriously reduces the quality of life. As a result of the growing prostate closing the outlet of the bladder with age; Symptoms such as weak urination, frequent urination, feeling of incomplete voiding and urinary incontinence occur. It can cause serious consequences, which may lead to renal failure, in patients whose treatment is delayed.

Although surgical operation becomes inevitable in patients who do not benefit from medical treatment, problems such as long recovery times after open surgery and recurrence of the disease after traditional closed prostate surgeries create serious concerns in patients who require surgery.

What is holep surgery and what are its advantages?

Prof. Dr. By giving information about the technique successfully applied in Fatih Altunren; “HoLEP surgery is a new generation and state-of-the-art method used in benign prostate enlargement. In this surgery, which is performed by entering the patient's urinary canal with a special device, the healing process is significantly shortened since no incision is made. Patient comfort is significantly increased due to the shorter hospital stay and the reduction of probe time. Since the prostate tissue is stripped from the capsule in the hole, it allows much more tissue to be removed compared to other closed methods. For this reason, the possibility of inability to urinate after surgery and recurrence of the disease over time is very low. " He mentioned that the technique applied was faster in the recovery time of the patient compared to other operations.

Doesn't cause impotence

Stating that the treatment method does not cause impotence, Altunrende said; “The special laser device used affects the deep tissues very little. Therefore, there is no risk of sexual dysfunction after the operation, ”he said.

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