Over 192 Million Animals Are Held in Laboratories for Experiments

over million animals kept in laboratories for experimentation
over million animals kept in laboratories for experimentation

The short film Save Ralph, which went viral on social media, turned the eyes back to animal experiments. While the reactions to the continuation of the experiments increased day by day, the B2Press Online PR Service revealed the size of the balance sheet with the statistics it compiled. While more than 192 million animals are removed from their habitats and kept in laboratories, more than 30% of experiments involve moderate to severe painful practices. Moreover, only two out of every 100 drugs tested are put on the market.

Today, many industries are experimenting with live animal species for various reasons. At the top of these are the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. According to the data shared by Turkey's first online PR service B2Press, which examines the statistics of animal experiments published in the United States, more than 192 million animals worldwide are kept in laboratories by detaching them from their habitats. More than 30% of animal experiments involve moderate to severe pain. The heaviest balance sheet is seen in the pharmaceutical industry. Statistics show that more than 98% of drugs tested on animals never hit the shelves.

China is the country that uses the most animal animals with 20,5 million

According to the statistics examined by B2Press, China, which requires animal testing for all cosmetics, stands out as the country that uses the most experimental animals with 20,5 million. In the laboratories of the United States of America, another country that uses animal tests most, 22 million animals are used for research. While it is seen that more than 500 thousand animals are used as subjects in cosmetic tests, it is known that animal experiments in cosmetic products are banned in 39 countries, including Norway, New Zealand, India and Australia.

Tests are mostly done on guinea pigs

The statistics compiled by the Online PR Service also reveal the most used animal species in experiments. In order for pre-clinical studies to be applicable, at least 2 species are used in the experiments, while Guinea pigs, which are part of 171 thousand 406 experiments, are in the first place with 20,57%. They are followed by rabbits (16,46%), primates excluding humans (11,75%), hamsters (9,49%) and dogs (7,29%). Most research animals are not protected by any animal welfare laws.

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