Mersin Train Flights Started 1 Bread 1 Soup Vehicle Takes Its Usual Place

Mersin train service has begun, Ekmek Corba vehicle has taken its usual place
Mersin train service has begun, Ekmek Corba vehicle has taken its usual place

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to meet with citizens at soup distribution points, whose scope is expanding day by day. The “1 Bread 1 Soup” project, which has been among the social projects initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer from the day he took office, and which was appreciated by the citizens, warms the citizens in the early hours of the morning. The project, which was benefited by all Mersin residents, especially low-income citizens, spread to 13 districts after the central districts and reached thousands of citizens in a short time.

The first stop of the project is in service again

The service provided in front of the Train Station, which has a special importance as the starting point of the project, started again with the opening of the trips that were interrupted due to pandemic conditions. The smoke of the hot soup of the Metropolitan mixes with the smoke of the trains again. The first eye pain point of the Metropolitan's 27 Bread 2019 Soup project, which went into service on October 1, 1, was the Train Station. Coronavirus outbreak of 11 which continued until March 2020 in Turkey seen as service resumed on November 2. With the opening of the train services, which were interrupted due to the pandemic, the mobile soup car took its place in front of the Train Station, which was the first service point. The soup served at 13 distribution points in 62 districts and the bread produced at the MER-EK Bread Factory leave citizens satisfied with their taste.

"It's nice to find a hot soup"

Muhammet Sevgin stated that it is pleasing to have a hot soup while going to work and said, “The soup tastes very good. We are very pleased with this service, thank you. “It is very nice to find a hot soup”.

"I fed my stomach here"

Expressing that he came from Antalya and had a surprise at the Train Station, Gülizar Erişenoğlu said, “I thank our Metropolitan Municipality for providing such an opportunity. I send my regards, they have done a very good thing. I was happy, I was hungry, but I fed my stomach here. Spectacular. Thank you ”he said.

"A warm welcome in the morning"

Imam Özgün, one of the citizens who came from Adana and was very satisfied with the service, said “It was very nice. Thank you to our president. A warm welcome in the morning. We drank one of our hot soups, ”he said. Elife Savaş, who has been struggling with cancer since 2010, said, “I go to Mersin University Hospital, I am a cancer patient. Thank you for the soup, Vahap Bey, God bless him ”he said.

"I appreciated our municipality"

Beyhan Kural said, “It is a good application. I appreciated our municipality. We are also very happy that the train opens. The morning soup was also good, ”and 70-year-old retired Baki Geyik said,“ This service of our President is very good. It is also very popular among the citizens, and we thank you, he said.

"Let them exist, it has been a good practice"

18-year-old student Doğucan Yıldız, who will travel to Tarsus, is one of the beneficiaries of the 1 Bread 1 Soup project. Yıldız said, “It was a good application. We were going to take the train in the morning. We had a hot soup before leaving. Let them exist, it was a good practice, ”he said.

"We met our passengers here again"

Seyda Esin Ekmen, Metropolitan Municipality's Ashane Supervisor, stated that they are serving again at the station, which has a special importance for them, and said, “We met our passengers here again, this is our first point in soup. We came together with our citizens here again after a year. Our goal this year was to deliver this service, which we started in central districts and Tarsus last year, to 13 district centers. We started at 2 points on November 28. As of now, we continue again at 13 points in 62 districts of Mersin ”.

"1 Bread 1 Soup" distribution continues at full speed in Tarsus, too.

The project, in which the Metropolitan reaches thousands of people every day, continues at full speed in Tarsus. The soups, which are distributed from the district center to the Hal Complex, are also delivered to agricultural workers. In addition, warm soups are distributed to patients and their relatives from the vehicle set up in front of Tarsus State Hospital between 18.00-20.00 in the evening.

The driver of the service, Mehmet Can Koç, enjoyed the hot soup distributed in front of Tarsus Culture Park and said, “May Allah be pleased with the reason, the maker, our municipality. "Every day we drink a glass of soup that coincides with" he said.

Cumali Torkut said, “We would like to thank our Mersin Metropolitan Mayor for his services. Gariban supports the citizens. "We start our day with joy by drinking hot soup in the mornings."

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