Mersin Metro tender will be held again on April 28

Mersin metro tender will be held again in april
Mersin metro tender will be held again in april

At the First Meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality April 2021 Assembly Meeting, the 2020 Annual Report was discussed under the chairmanship of Mehmet Topkara, the 1st Deputy Chairman of the Assembly. Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer, in his evaluation regarding the Annual Report, said, “The things we do well and the things that are admirable will be praised, but the places we are lacking and doing wrong are open to criticism. Here we will do much better services with these criticisms. This will be done by your contribution to us, ”he said.

“Which Republican People's Party municipality received money from Iller Bank? Could not "

While the Annual Report was being discussed, some members of the Assembly, who are members of the People's Alliance, mentioned the letter of guarantee and borrowings received by the municipalities from the Iller Bank. Responding to the criticism of a Council member regarding the perception that “İller Bankası applies a different practice only to Vahap Seçer in 81 provinces”, Mayor Seçer said, “This practice is applied to many municipalities that are not members of the People's Alliance. I know very clearly. Did the Akdeniz Municipality borrow for example from Iller Bank? Took. He borrowed money, took cash. So which Republican People's Party municipality got money from Iller Bank? Couldn't get it. Let alone the money, the letter of guarantee did not get it. Please do not mislead the public, ”he said.

"Metro tender will take place again on April 28"

Seçer, who made evaluations about the projects they implemented and carried out in Mersin, said that the Metro tender was also important. Seçer said the following:

“There was a cancellation before, then a pandemic intervened. We all decided to postpone some investments, delay them or do it more carefully. This decision included Metro. Let me also say this; did we do well I swear we did not do well. How should I know? The dollar will be 8 lira, the Euro will be 10 lira? I wish I never made it wait. I will explain it now. Why is this job getting longer? Now, at that time, we went out to tender. Of course the objections… As a result, the tender continued. Prequalification has been done. Indeed Turkey is the world's reputable firms received qualification. However, there were tremendous fluctuations during that process. Exchange rates, costs, iron price, cement price, foreign currency price. These were unaccounted developments. But the process continues. I cannot constantly share these with the public. So I cannot disrupt that process of tenders. EKAP open tender to 28 April. You can follow it from there. The Public Procurement Authority gave a date. Why did it happen like this? E got a very high offer. Why did it sound high? For the reasons I just explained. We calculated the approximate costs according to the market conditions about 1.5 years ago. The tender was canceled, the process was prolonged, we had to suspend it due to the pandemic, and the account we made was out of date. That is the whole point. A storm breaks out in a glass of water. We are not hiding anything from anyone. On April 28, the Metro tender will take place again. "

Referring to the discussions about the logo, Mayor Seçer said, “The logo is our logo that we use officially and which is now reflected on the screens. As I said before, what we use is not a logo. But what we use now is a symbol that reflects our period as long as we do not take a decision by the Assembly ”.

"Everyone is my child, but as long as they don't take anything from my municipality or city"

Seçer, talking about the evaluations made by the members of the Council on short-time working allowance, said, “I run the city, I run the municipality. Everyone is my child. It is something different, but as long as it does not take anything from my municipality or city. Unless it harms my city, my municipality. In general, my citizens are my children. Let's not confuse goose and trump card. All my citizens are children, brothers, brothers, fathers, and mothers. Let's keep them separate. I am trying to serve them. But let's say this. Sir, the pandemic process, the government, your power, has passed a law. More than 100 municipalities have applied, except for me. Our two municipalities are here, their mayors are here. Not accepted. In other words, it is a legal event, this is extremely legal. It is normal when another municipality or an institution applies it, it becomes abnormal when Mersin Metropolitan Municipality does it ”.

"I defend the rights of the people"

Stating that there was no disruption in the works due to the personnel who took unpaid leave within the scope of the short-time work allowance of President Seçer, he said that they needed employees to work in some business lines. Seçer said, “You need a heavy vehicle driver. New buses are coming. We do not have a driver to use. Graders are rented, rollers are rented, construction equipment is rented; there is no operator to use. Spraying season is coming, spraying will be done; There is no staff to spray. It is a staff that is fortified according to the culture and understanding of the administration before me. I don't have to work with them. I have to serve. I will give you the account. So there is a need for 10 business lines, you come and get 50 people. You have more than 40. There is a need for staff in the other line of business, there is no one in the middle. This is against the nature of the item. My transactions are legal transactions. Judicial remedy is open. Judicial remedy is open to the acts and actions of the administration. Constitutional provision. We do not miss any goods from the fire. We don't miss a thing in anyone's eyes. You said inspector, you put your MPs into action, inspectors came. I presented the report to you the other day. He was not enough, he came from different institutions, he was not enough, he came from local institutions. Here we are. I do not miss anything, I do not sin, I defend the rights of the people, friends. "This is what I do," he said. Reminding that thousands of people were fired last term, President Seçer said:

“A trustee has been appointed to the Akdeniz Municipality. Hundreds of people have been dismissed. Hundreds of people are currently being dismissed in Silifke Municipality. So they are stepchildren, these are self-sons. If we get into the discussion whether these are the children of this country or are they the children of another country, we cannot stay away from here. Let our feet touch the ground. There is no situation where I run away, pass away or take shelter somewhere. I put forward the reasons. There is an administration that manages this municipality. It is a management decision. It is this administration that will weigh these balances in every aspect, in terms of legal, conscientiousness, logic, administrative understanding, and decide accordingly. As for the financial aspect of the work; No, we are not harmful, we are very profitable. If I had a good performance and people that I make use of, I wouldn't parse my ways anyway. Why should I separate? Based on your claim, thousands of people whose political views do not suit me work and will continue to work. Employees in upper management, middle management, lower level, street, office workers. Not only in terms of performance, which we think does not contribute to us, but also in terms of business peace, business peace, slowing down our business, we see our employees, which we see this way, with the authority given to us by the laws, we separate our ways.

Mayor Seçer, who also conveyed the details of the multi-storey intersection, ring road, asphalt and infrastructure projects they carry out as the Metropolitan Municipality, also responded to the criticisms about the Sevgi Katlı Intersection. Reminding that the name of the Sovereign Intersection was not taken by the decision of the Assembly, President Seçer said, “Isn't the name of that intersection Egemenlik Junction, I am telling the truth. But there is no parliament decision. You just said; "Crossroads of Love has no parliamentary decision, you say Love Crossroads." You make that mistake too. Why do you call it the Sovereignty Crossroad? You know the decision of the Assembly? There is no parliament decision. Sovereignty Crossroad, it sounds good, everyone uses it. Let's use something commercial, they say. Sir, 'Forum Interchange' Forum is a commercial Mall. How should I use it? Please be more realistic while making these evaluations, ”he said.

"If a distinction is made, hit it as a slap in the face"

Mayor Seçer, emphasizing that they attach great importance to social policies and that they do this without making any discrimination, said, “Look, this municipality has distributed 170 thousand parcels. If a citizen is distinguished by saying that you are a member of the MHP, there is no parcel for you, you are a member of the Ak Parti, HDP or that party, this is your sect, this is your legitimacy, hit me with a slap in the face. No such thing. Patient care, they call our centers, we go. Will our friends and health units ask him, what is your nationality, what is your sect? There is no such thing, ”he said. President Seçer, saying that a council member speaks of the 49-50 million budget with disdain, said, “Multiply the largest district municipality by 13, and see if it will reach 50 million? It cannot get close to it, cannot approach half of it, cannot approach a quarter. Don't do it, for God's sake. So each of you are spending 3-5 million lira for social policies, let me love your eye? Is there such a thing? We have cut many investments. It was lower than ours too, but we increased it. How can you ignore this? A reasonable number is written there, most of which come as donations. We did not receive donations either. The donations we receive are recorded there. Not even feathers on a camel. Therefore, please do not underestimate the work done, ”he said.

"You are preventing me from moving freely"

President Seçer, a councilor who made a budget assessment, said, "You haven't spent anyway, what do you want to borrow?" We didn't just say 'need money, lend money'. We said there is a budget. Why should I get my municipality into debt traps for high interest and unnecessary costs. He's already strangled, I'm trying to get out of him. Unnecessary debts have already been taken, with high interest rates. Sir then the conjuncture was like that! Interest-bearing money was used even in periods when the conjuncture was high. We pay for them. These are in the records, we do not cover them, ”he said.

“87 buses are coming. The first batch is on April 22 ”

President Seçer, who also described the process they went through in the purchase of environmentally friendly buses with CNG, said, “I told you, we bought 73 buses. The bus costed from 1.8 million lira to 2.4 million lira. The euro has increased. I made a 20 percent job increase. I did it the previous week. 87 buses are coming. The first batch is coming on April 22nd. But it is not enough, it is old. You see, the routes are not enough. We said, you authorized to borrow 22 million Euros. Here, he was not included in the investment program at the Presidency. He used the expressions.

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