MAM-T Missile Developed by Roketsan, the New Power of Domestic UAVs

Mam t missile developed by roketsan, the new power of domestic tenders
Mam t missile developed by roketsan, the new power of domestic tenders

The first test shots of the MAM-T developed by Roketsan, which has undertaken the task of strike force activity of our country's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) fleet, to meet the need for higher warhead efficiency and longer range, were successfully carried out.

Developed locally and nationally and weight / efficiency optimization, the MAM-T can be used against armored or unarmored vehicles, buildings and surface targets. In addition to the mid-stage guidance capabilities that can be supported with Global Positioning and Inertial Navigation Systems (KKS / ANS), the ammunition, which provides high sensitivity against moving and fixed targets in Block-1 configuration, also has a semi-active laser seeker head. The new member of the family, MAM-T, developed in line with different platforms; With a range capability of 30+ km in UAVs, 60 km in light attack aircraft and more than 80 km in fighter aircraft, it seems that the family will continue to carry the game changer identity.

Higher Efficiency, Longer Range

The first firing test of the MAM-T ammunition from Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA, President of the Presidency Defense Industry Prof. Dr. In addition to İsmail Demir, Roketsan Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Faruk Yiğit and Roketsan General Manager Murat were the second in attendance. The shooting activity was hosted by Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar and Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Biyraktar.

Giving information about the MAM-T ammunition, whose test shots were successfully completed, Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci said, “Our Mini Smart Ammunition family, which we briefly call MAM, is far ahead of its counterparts in the world. "MAM-T, the new member of our MAM family, which maximizes the duty time in UAVs, will bring our country's new type of UAV fleet to an efficiency and power above world standards with its high warhead capacity and high range performance." Second, he continued: "Turkey, with local and national resources, different tasks developed by equipping them with the latest technology to be capable of enforcement in unmanned aerial vehicles, it is no longer the case today become a global power. The MAM-T, which we developed in line with the capabilities of the AKINCI UAV platform, which is planned to be used by our Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in the near future, has proven to be ready for duty with higher efficiency and longer range performance. "

Deliveries in 2021

Second, “In line with the delivery schedule set for the 1st phase of AKINCI UAV, we aim to make the first ammunition deliveries with the UAV within this year. "We anticipate mass production at full capacity in the second half of 2021 after the completion of qualification and other testing activities."

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