Landscaping in Karamürsel Bridge Crossing

Landscaping at the karamursel bridge crossroads
Landscaping at the karamursel bridge crossroads

In the district of Karamürsel, the bridge intersection built by the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Karamürsel City Square and Intersection Project was recently opened to vehicle traffic. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has started landscaping at the crossroads, which significantly relieves the traffic of the region.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has recently offered one of the giant projects that will breathe urban transportation, and the Karamürsel City Square Bridge Junction, which connects the lower part and the upper part of the D-130 highway of Karamürsel, was opened to vehicle traffic with a ceremony. In the project, where traffic in the region has been relieved considerably, the landscaping has come. The teams of the Parks and Gardens Department carried out 3 thousand 200 cubic meters of soil laying in the area within the scope of the landscaping.


By the teams of the Parks and Gardens Department, 2548 cannon boxwood, 1560 nandina, 237 conical spruce, 288 cannon balls, 18 olive trees, 31 threaded flames, 172 fir thorn, 470 tenax Will plant 246 loropetalum and 140 scattered junipers. In addition, 1131 square meters of floor cover will be laid in the area and 1131 square meters of dolomite will be laid.



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