İzmir Takes One More Step On The Way To Become A Clean Energy Center

Izmir takes another step towards becoming a clean energy center
Izmir takes another step towards becoming a clean energy center

The BEST For Energy Project, which aims to transform İzmir and its surroundings into a region specialized in clean energy and clean technologies, comes to life. The project implemented by the Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) in partnership with the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSIA) will continue until 2023. The project, funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and conducted by the Technology Sector are part of a Competitive Program.

Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) Secretary General Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSIA) Chairman Alper Kalaycı, Project Team Leader Ekin Taşkın, TPI Composites EMEA Region Vice President Gökhan Serdar, LM Wind Power Factory Director Emre Kahya, Ateş Wind Power Founding Partner Mahmut Güldoğan, Kontek Executive Chairman of the Board Tolga Murat Özdemir and press members attended.

It was stated that the "Clean Energy Sector Supplier Development Program", which contains important opportunities for companies operating or aiming to operate in the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector, will be implemented for the next 2 years. In the Program consisting of BEST For Energy Project's services for companies; It was underlined that there are many free services such as needs analysis, talent inventory, training, consultancy, job interviews, information and network portals.


Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Chairman of the Board of ENSIA, Alper Kalaycı said that equipments should be local as well as energy. Kalaycı "of renewable energy equipment in the supply chain, regardless of the scale of production in Turkey every company we want to take place. With this aspect, BEST For Energy is a project that exactly matches the founding vision of ENSIA ”. Turkey in the last 15 years, renewable ie clean energy production in all the world's attention a success story in the summer of emphasizing that President Alper Kalaycı the Izmir at this point "Clean the Capital of Energy" the title was underlined that achieved well deserved. Turkey in the wind turbine blade factory that produces all of the 4 to produce an index that expressed in Izmir President Alper Kalaycı, made the following assessment:


“Our country, which increased the installed power of wind energy by 15 times in the last 182 years to 9 megawatts (MW), ranks 305th in Europe with this great success. The Izmir thousand 7 MW power break open with 'Turkey's Wind Energy Capital' title remains there. The Aegean Region, which also includes Izmir, stands out as the region where the highest WPP investment of our country is made with an installed power of 798 thousand 3 MW. It is not enough for us that our energy is domestic and renewable. We emphasize that the equipment that produces that energy must also be local. Likewise, every company that has invested in our country, provides employment, pays taxes, exports and provides added value; we call it 'native' regardless of the source of capital. Besides the wind; İzmir should be an equipment production center for clean energy sources such as solar, biomass, geothermal and wave. In this sense, we attach great importance to BEST For Energy Project. "


IZKA Secretary General Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, on the other hand, stated that as İzmir Development Agency, they are working to produce information for İzmir and develop pioneering, original and exemplary projects. Stating that İzmir has a comparative advantage in clean energy and clean technologies as a result of their research and analysis in this context, Yavuz said, “We are conducting many studies to use this advantage as a leverage in the sustainable development of İzmir. Under the leadership of Izmir, clean energy and clean technology sector of value-added and innovative products at competitive and create new green jobs in Turkey we aim to turn into a sector that generates more employment, "he said.


Noting that BEST For Energy Project will be an important step in achieving the determined goals, Secretary General Yavuz said, “We see the BEST For Energy Project as a regional development project based on clustering and smart specialization. We aim to make İzmir and its surroundings a region that specializes in clean energy and clean technologies and produces added value for the whole world in this field. The future activities and financial support mechanisms of our agency will also be determined according to the strategy and action plans developed within the scope of BEST For Energy Project. BEST FOR Energy Project, we believe it will be one of the most important activities that will contribute to Turkey and Izmir from the European Green Reconciliation "he said.


Stating that BEST For Energy Project offers significant benefits for SMEs in the sector as well as large-scale companies and decision makers who determine sectoral policies, IZKA General Secretary Yavuz said, “We concentrated our efforts on renewable energy with our Investment Support Office. We have talks about companies from 4 countries such as Spain and China to invest in Izmir. We are also promoting İzmir's renewable energy potential abroad, and we are getting an extremely high interest. "With the projects we will do, serious foreign investors will be attracted to Izmir." Stating that the Clean Energy and Clean Technology Sector Talent Inventory is planned to be one of the important contributions of the project, Yavuz said:


“With the project, the capabilities of all companies that produce equipment and provide services in the fields of wind, solar, geothermal and biomass can be seen in a single table. Skill inventory of the supplies which are in need of large-scale international companies will show their ability to meet from Turkey. The sector for investments to be made in Turkey will be guiding. It will become one of the important resources that decision makers will benefit from while creating national and regional policies related to the sector. Within the scope of BEST For Energy Project, besides the Talent Inventory, many studies such as Value Chain and Competition Analysis of the Sector, Needs Analysis of Firms, National and International Demand Analysis will be carried out.


Ateş Wind Power Founding Partner Mahmut Güldoğan noted that they, as a company, direct their time and concentration to green energy. Gökhan Serdar, Vice President of TPI Composites EMEA Region, stated that climate change and therefore clean energy have become talked about with the pandemic process. Serdar said, “Clean energy is at the top of the list of the sectors of the future. At this point, I think we have a great opportunity as Izmir as a country. I believe that Izmir, the capital of clean energy and wind, with its current production capacity and industry, should make good use of this opportunity. First of all, İzmir has the environment and resources to achieve this, but above all human resources. In this context, all kinds of initiatives for the development of industry and suppliers for the clean energy sector are very valuable, so I find the BEST For Energy project very relevant and meaningful ”.


Expressing that the BEST For Energy project and the synergy created excite international companies like them, LM Wind Power Factory Director Emre Kahya stated that Izmir can become one of the strongest names in the market with its potential. “The USA and China can no longer keep up with the demands,” said the housekeeper. We can open up to the global market from taking advantage of these synergies in Izmir Turkey. In terms of qualified workforce, we will not have any problems in the future if we raise our young people in secondary and high schools and direct them to the clean energy sector ”.


Kontek Chief Executive Officer Tolga Murat Özdemir stated that equipment such as wings and towers used in wind energy are made in İzmir, but that solar energy will be much more important in the future. kazanannounced his will. Özdemir said, “Battery technologies play an important role in renewable energy. Studies in this area will bring a new synergy to İzmir and its region, and it will be possible to apply production technologies that spread across the floor from e-mobility to storage in our city. While we are saddened by our foreign dependency, we believe that this problem will end with the increase in domestic production capacity. It will support companies that are not international but make serious investments and research in energy, like us, to increase their capacity with projects such as BEST For Energy.”


By sparing 10 minutes for companies that want to benefit from free services http://www.bestforenergy.org They need to fill out the Quick Needs Scan called CLEANHIT available on the website. The company that completes CLEANHIT will have pre-registered and stated their desire to benefit from the services.

For each service, a separate evaluation will be made by taking into account the determined quota, and it will be an important selection criterion that the project has benefited from previous services while determining suitable companies. The companies selected for the service to be provided will be directed by making the necessary information through the e-mail address they entered while filling in CLEANHIT.

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