İmamoğlu: Talking a Concrete Channel in an Environment Where Children Want Tablets Sin

It is sin to talk in a concrete channel in an environment where imamoglu children want tablets
It is sin to talk in a concrete channel in an environment where imamoglu children want tablets

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade a series of investigations in Arnavutköy and visited the tradesmen. Journalists, during the visit, asked Imamoglu the question "Will IMM work around Kanal Istanbul?" To this question, İmamoğlu said, “This is a big threat for Istanbul. Especially in an environment where the country is experiencing such economic difficulties. What did the kids over there ask us? 'Sir, we don't have a tablet. President, we don't have stationery.' Maybe some of them have no clothes on. In an environment where we have such a problem now, these are not things to be talked about on behalf of this city. Talking about these is a great betrayal, atrocity, a sin, a pity. Whereas; By the way, nobody knows who owns this concrete surface, the areas that will be built around that Concrete Channel, by the way.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğludevoted his entire afternoon to Arnavutköy district. İmamoğlu, in the district, respectively; He visited Boğazköy Culture and Sports Facility Construction, which bears the same name as the neighborhood, and visited the 4th Regional Directorate of Road Maintenance in Istiklal District and Arnavutköy 3rd Regional Cemeteries Directorate in Anadolu Mahallesi. Prior to his inspections at Boğazköy Culture and Sports Facility, İmamoğlu received intense interest from the residents and children of the neighborhood. The common demands of the children who took pictures with İmamoğlu; products such as tablets, books and toys.


İmamoğlu received technical information about construction from İBB Deputy Secretary General Gürkan Alpay and IMM Head of Science Affairs Department Recep Korkut. İmamoğlu conveyed the instructions to speed up the work at the facility, which was started on 14 July 2017, 40 percent of which was completed when she took office and 71 percent of which is currently being manufactured. Making evaluations in the field of construction to journalists, İmamoğlu said, “Today we are in Arnavutköy. We visited a very precious facility in Boğazköy. We have very differentiated the functions of this place towards the needs of the environment. We are forming a unit of ISMEK here. We have now included the nursery manufacturing, which we definitely try to add to all our buildings on the scale of need, here. I hope we will have opened this beautiful facility to this neighborhood of Arnavutköy, along with the social areas, condolence house, some commercial areas, and the park arrangements around it at the end of this summer, part by section, towards the middle of September, ”he said.


Emphasizing that they perform important services especially for infrastructure in Arnavutköy, İmamoğlu pointed out that the construction of Halk Ekmek, which is under construction in Hadımköy, is an example of these investments. İmamoğlu shared the good news that the facility, which will increase IMM's bread production to 2,5 million pieces, will be operational towards the end of the year. “Arnavutköy has a widespread area. He is also exposed to different threats, ”said İmamoğlu,“ He is also exposed to other threats, especially Concrete Canal. While following these, on the one hand, our services, especially for protecting Terkos and for some investments of İSKİ, continue intensely in Arnavutköy ”.


Defining Arnavutköy as "a very critical face of Istanbul", İmamoğlu said:

“It is in need of protection and, together with the function of the New Airport, it also needs some regulations to meet its needs. Arrangements that reflect the new face of Istanbul, not burdening greater burdens on the back of Istanbul. Arnavutköy already has villages and existing adjacent areas, it has its own development areas. It is a valuable geography both politically, socially and in terms of serving the whole of Istanbul in terms of ensuring the regular and level development of these regions. We have to pay attention. I hope we will continue our services to Arnavutköy by doing good works that will not make Istanbul's face unhappy and that will not disturb its future, and by standing firm against the wrong things to be done.


“Arnavutköy is in an important position,” said İmamoğlu, a journalist. First the airport was built, now the Kanal Istanbul project is being talked about. The places where Kanal Istanbul passes are generally agricultural land, treasury land and other than this, there are military areas. It is said that the industry in Istanbul will be brought here. He gave the following answer to the question of whether there will be a study as IMM in terms of education and services outside the industry:

“We are looking at the event from a bigger perspective. This is a big threat to Istanbul. Especially in an environment where the country has such an economic difficulty. What did those kids over there ask us? 'President, we don't have a tablet. President, we do not have stationery. ' Maybe some of them don't have clothes on. In an environment where we now have such a problem, these are not things to talk about on behalf of this city. Talking about them is a great betrayal, cruelty, sin, pity. Therefore, we look at it like this. Whereas; By the way, nobody knows who this concrete surface, the areas to be built around that Concrete Channel, belongs to. In other words, we made our few villagers happy with 3-5 square meters and they will cry in the coming days; there is no such happiness. People of Istanbul and Arnavutköy will be very unhappy there; I know him. It is necessary to look at this aspect. The channel issue is a large issue. "


A worker working in the 4th Regional Directorate of Road Maintenance gave a charcoal portrait of the IMM President and an oil painting work, which he made with his own hands, to İmamoğlu. İmamoğlu visited tradesmen in Arnavutköy Cumhuriyet Square after the study tour and visits. Welcomed with great interest, İmamoğlu had the opportunity to come together with citizens and tradesmen. While some citizens told İmamoğlu about their problems, others took photos with the IMM President. İmamoğlu conveyed the problems coming from citizens and shopkeepers to his assistants, to be transferred to him later. İmamoğlu also took special care of a little boy selling handkerchiefs in the square. Receiving the address of the child through his assistants, İmamoğlu gave an order to reach the family of the tiny seller.

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