A slap-like response from President Sekmen to US President Biden

From the chairman section to the US president biden like a slap in reply
From the chairman section to the US president biden like a slap in reply

Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen cursed the US President Joe Biden's description of the events of 1915 as “genocide” and responded like a slap with historical documents. In his post on his social media account, President Sekmen gave the following views on the subject: “The US administration, which is an instrument of the despicable tricks of the Armenian diaspora, is defenseless and innocent, regardless of babies, children, women and the elderly, by the Armenian gangs of 30 thousand Muslim-Turkish people (Hinchak, Dashnak and We are deeply anxious from the home city of Erzurum, where he was brutally murdered by Ramgavar. The so-called Armenian genocide claims are nonsense. April 24 is the day when a lie is commemorated. The actual genocide was committed in Anatolia by Armenian gangs. We condemn the US President Biden's statement regarding the 1915 events. Armenian gangs in East, Erzurum, Cinis, Tazegül, Alaca and Ilıca, Tepeköy, Dutçu, Yanıkdere, Karskapı, Osman Ağa and Mürsel Pasha mansions, Firdevsoğlu Barracks 'Muslim Turkish Genocide' in Yeşilyayla, Hasankale, Tımar, Köprüköy and Khorasan. US President Biden, who violates the rules of international law, does not know his own history. American General James G. Harbord in Erzurum on September 25, 1919

While visiting the places where the genocide took place, the mansions of Ezirmikli Osman Ağa and Mürsel Pasha, Karskapı and Yanıkdere, he confessed, "How could the servants of Jesus commit such a massacre." In this case, the lies and slanders of the US President are in the opinion of us as nonexistent! "

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