Ford Trucks Aims Record in 2021

ford trucks looking to market with hope
ford trucks looking to market with hope

Welcoming 2021 with new products and developments, Ford Trucks continues its global growth in the heavy commercial market without slowing down by stepping into new markets for the upcoming period after 2020, which it successfully left behind despite the challenging effects of the pandemic.

Standing out in the heavy commercial sector with its engineering experience and its 60-year heritage, Ford Trucks continues to grow in the domestic market with the new products and services it offers to its customers, while preparing to enter new markets abroad.

Turfan: "The heavy commercial vehicle market continues to rise in 2020, as in 2021"

Turkey in the heavy commercial market axis, Ford Trucks in the first three sharing-month performance and global growth plans of Ford Trucks Assistant General Manager Serhan Turfan, saving pandemic but challenging experiencing the emergence of landing in heavy commercial industry with what they left behind a successful period, said:

“With the pandemic, while many physical shopping shifted to e-commerce, this naturally increased the need for logistics and transportation. In parallel with this effect of the pandemic, the demand for trucks and tow trucks continues to increase. The heavy commercial industry started 2021 with a growth momentum, and we anticipate that this growth will continue in the upcoming period. Having reached sales of 2021 units in the first quarter of 6.100, the heavy commercial market grew by 150% compared to the same period of the previous year. The truck segment played an important role in this growth, with a share of 66%. As Ford Trucks, we made a quick start to 2021 and achieved a market share of over 3% at the end of the first 30 months. "

"We reached the highest sales volume in the first quarter in international markets"

Stating that Ford Trucks' sales figures in international markets are getting stronger, Turfan said, “We increased our sales volume in international markets by 137% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached the highest export volume” and stated that they continue their global growth plans without slowing down: “ We completed our expansion in 2018. We started our structuring in Western Europe in 2019 by assigning our distributors in Spain, Portugal and Italy. In March, we entered the market by assigning our first distributor in Belgium. Next up are Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In particular, Germany is one of the most important markets for us and we have moved on to the last phase of our talks here. We aim to enter the German market in a very short time, ”he said.

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