Fire-Cell and Mission Order System is in Service for Fighting Forest Fires

fire cell and duty order system activated
fire cell and duty order system activated

The General Directorate of Forestry (OGM), which has been working for the protection of forests for 182 years, continues to incorporate the latest technological innovations in firefighting. The Fire-Cell and Task Order System, developed for the best management of mobile teams working in forest fires, was put into service.

90 percent almost every year in Turkey, there is much that is human-induced forest fires. OGM struggles every year to prevent fires, extinguish fires as soon as possible and reforestation of damaged areas. General Directorate of Forestry, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli's; It launched a new communication system in line with the instruction that "all measures should be taken at the highest level in order to prevent any weakness in fighting fires".

The Fire-Cell System, which was developed to ensure that the communication systems of the personnel working in combating forest fires are not interrupted, includes software, devices and hardware to communicate the existing Wireless Communication System and mobile phones on the same platform. The Fire-Cell System, which provides a connection between push-to-talk devices and analog and digital radio systems, offers a communication control room solution that is integrated into existing radio systems. The software system, which supports various voice, data and management features, has been integrated into the wireless network of users with mobile applications installed on smart phones.

Minister Pakdemirli, who participated in the drill held in OGM Fire Management Center, checked the integration of the system by giving instructions to the teams present in Adana and Izmir via Yangın-Cell. Minister Pakdemirli, who made a speech on the subject, underlined that Yangın-Cell will be of great benefit in terms of helping the mobile teams in the fight against forest fires in the best way possible.

Emphasizing that it is aimed to increase efficiency and to use resources efficiently thanks to the remote assignment and management of the teams online with this system, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Thanks to the Fire-Cell, the forest fire that may occur in any region of our country will be transmitted to the tablets in our vehicles on the closest route, and automatic routing can be made with navigation. "We will continue to use technology in the most effective way in combating forest fires."

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