Fiber Optic Based Security Systems Will Be Used In Environmental Security Of Critical Facilities

Fiber optic based security systems will be used for environmental security of critical facilities.
Fiber optic based security systems will be used for environmental security of critical facilities.

Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Informatics and Information Security Advanced Technology Research Center (TUBITAK I WISE) with SAMM's common fiber optic based perimeter security system developed by working technology will be used in the protection of critical facilities that are important for safety.

The area to be protected is scanned underground / on the fence with fiber optic cable

Within the scope of the Fiber Optic Based Acoustic Sensor System (FOTAS), optical cables placed underground / on the fence are transformed into acoustic sensitive sensors. Thus, the mechanical movements that occur on the line where the system is paved can be perceived acoustically.

Thanks to deep learning artificial intelligence, the system can classify different movements such as running, climbing, crawling, and jumping. The system, which can work together with closed circuit television cameras, can instantly connect to the camera in the relevant area in case of an emergency.

Detects up to 10 and 50 kilometers

Until now, two models of the system that can detect up to 10 to 50 kilometers have been developed, and studies on its use in seismic data acquisition are continuing.

Protects Informatics Valley with Çamlıca Radio and Television Tower

The system developed within the scope of the project was established in the Istanbul Çamlıca Radio and Television Tower, which requires high security, and the Informatics Valley in Gebze. Thus, all kinds of movements such as unauthorized crossing attempts and unauthorized excavations occurring along the route of the relevant line can be detected instantly.

The system will be installed in a short time at points such as railways and İGDAŞ.

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