Diyarbakır Local Transportation Eases With New Bus Lines

Diyarbakir inner-city transportation has relaxed with new bus lines
Diyarbakir inner-city transportation has relaxed with new bus lines

📩 27/04/2021 17:07

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality increased its passenger transport capacity by 15 percent with the new lines it opened as of March 20 to provide better public transportation services to citizens.

The Metropolitan Municipality carried out R&D studies to eliminate the problems and problems that occurred after the implementation of the A1, A2, A3 and A4 main and 4 feeding lines, which were implemented as a result of the solutions developed for public transport optimization within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan.

Within the scope of the study, lines and transfer centers were examined on site. Following the evaluation of the complaint forms, smart card and GPS data, meetings were held with the officials of the Department of Transportation and the neighborhood headman of Üçkuyu neighborhood.

As a result of the evaluations made, it was determined that public transportation vehicles started to carry 54 thousand passengers per day with the introduction of 4 main and 4 supply lines on the route, which had a daily carrying capacity of 73 thousand before. It was determined that public transportation vehicles, which previously carried 5 thousand people on line-based daily, started to carry 8 thousand 500 passengers on the newly created single line.

The Metropolitan Municipality will continue its efforts to provide comfortable, safe and cheap public transportation services to citizens.

"Main lines run every 8 minutes"

Hülya Atalay, Head of Transportation Department, said that in the R&D study they carried out at the end of a month regarding the new lines, 45 percent of the passengers transferring to the main lines and the usage of the ring line was 55 percent.

Atalay, who pointed out that the passengers who had previously paid 2 lira for local transportation paid 1 lira thanks to the newly organized ring flights, Atalay said:

“We have achieved a 20 percent increase in our passenger density and number with the creation of new lines. At the same time, we have 4 lines with a daily passenger number of more than 3 thousand, now we have 4 lines over 6 thousand. It has reached 8 thousand 646 people on our line, which carries the most passengers. This is an almost doubled line arrangement. While we can carry a maximum of 4 passengers on a line, we can now carry 500 thousand 8 passengers on one line. "

Atalay emphasized that while the old lines carried passengers at intervals of 20-25 minutes, they organized flights with the new A1, A2, A3 and A4 lines at 8-minute intervals, and underlined that they eliminated the long waiting time at the stops with the change made.

Atalay noted that the short-time interval application is only valid for A1, A2, A3 and A4 lines, and that there is no change in other lines yet.

"The arrangement made provided the opportunity to travel cheaper"

Reminding that they provided the opportunity to travel cheaper in the region with the arrangement they made, Atalay said:

“People who will come to the trunk lines every 8 minutes, which makes 1 vehicles on 16 line, we serve in a single line with 16 vehicles. The service frequency of our ring lines varies between 5 and 10 minutes. While this service continues for 5 minutes at different times of the day, during the morning and evening business hours, which we call peak hours, it can go up to 8 and 10 minutes in the middle of the day. "

Revised at the request of the citizen

Atalay reminded that, as a result of the negotiations with the citizens within the scope of the R&D work, the A8 line, which they created by revising the E4 line to pass through Ekinciler Street, started their voyages as of April 19.

Stating that the ring trips in Üçkuyular ended in front of Gazi Yaşargil Hospital and they received the complaint that coming in front of the hospital increased the existing density, Atalay said, “We think that they have the right sides in this. For this reason, we found a vacant place in the area where the Dental Hospital is located. We aim to provide better service to our citizens by arranging platforms, stops and signboards in that area. " he spoke.

Atalay stated that their negotiations are continuing at the waiting points of the supply lines in the Disaster Houses and the arrangement in front of the University Hospital, which is in the same condition, and said, "We will make arrangements where each line of our lines can be easily found with closed stops and signboards on separate platforms." used your expressions.

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