Color and Model of GAZIRAY Train Sets Determined by Survey

Gaziray train sets model and color survey concluded
Gaziray train sets model and color survey concluded

The results of the model and color survey directed by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to the citizens for the GAZIRAY metro, which will strengthen the metropolitan identity of the city in terms of transportation, have been announced.

With the protocol signed for the purchase of 8 electric train sets within the scope of the GAZIRAY Project, the color and model of the vehicles, which are the subject of curiosity, became clear with the questionnaires prepared in line with the 'participatory and transparent municipalism', and the choice of Gazi city residents was the diamond yellow in the Model 30 Color B category as a result of the survey, which was participated by approximately 2 thousand people .

Gaziray train sets model and color survey concluded

In the survey, which was presented to the public with the slogan of "GAZIRAY Metro", Gazi city residents, who chose among the visuals of the trains with yellow and green tones in 2 different models, chose the lozenge yellow in the Model 31,4 Color B category with a rate of 2 percent. In the Model 2 Color A category, pistachio green ranked second with 27.9 percent.

In the color selection vote, which attracted great attention in the social media voting, the decision of Gazi city dwellers determined the color of the train sets.

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