Caution When Consuming Selenium Source Brazilian Cookie!

caution when consuming selenium source brazil nut
caution when consuming selenium source brazil nut

Brazil cookie, which has been popular with those who want to eat healthy, helps in protecting the immune system with its selenium content. However, it is necessary to be careful about the use of this food because too much consumption can adversely affect health. Dyt from Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department. Aslıhan Altuntaş gave information about the Brazilian cookie.

Brazilian cookie, which is used with products such as quinoa and chia grown in Peru and Bolivia, is in the 'superfood' category, not a snack. It should be noted that, like many raw nuts, the Brazilian snack is a gluten-free food.

Meets daily selenium requirement

There are 100 calories in 655 grams of the Brazilian snack. A few of the Brazilian snacks, which are rich in saturated and healthy unsaturated fats, meet the daily selenium needs. In other words, the feature that distinguishes the Brazilian cookie from all other nuts is the amount of selenium in its content. The Brazilian snack, which also contains potassium, carbohydrates, and magnesium, must be consumed in dose. Selenium in the Brazilian cookie is a very important mineral and has powerful antioxidant properties. For a healthy immune system and cell regeneration, 5-6 pieces of Brazilian cookies a day provide enough selenium. Studies have shown that the possibility of selenium deficiency in diabetic patients is higher than in the normal population.

The effect of selenium

There are studies showing that the Brazilian snack makes the thyroid gland work more effectively. The reason for this is that it contains high levels of selenium. Selenium supports the proper functioning of the body and energizes it. According to studies, selenium is necessary for the immune system to function properly. Selenium is also high in Brazilian snacks.

No more than 5-6 grains a day

It contains unsaturated fats that positively affect good and vascular health, as well as saturated fat content. Therefore, excessive consumption may cause negative consequences in terms of vascular health. As with any food, the Brazilian cookie should be eaten when it gets dark. It should not be consumed more than 5-6 pieces a day.

Good for the heart

Since selenium has an immunity-boosting effect, the Brazilian cookie also contributes to immunity with its selenium content. One of the most important benefits of the Brazilian cookie is its benefit to the heart. The benefits of the Brazilian cookie to the heart come from the unsaturated fatty acids it contains. With this feature, the Brazilian cookie balances the blood flow and prevents the clogging of the heart vessels. When consumed regularly, it reduces the risk of serious heart diseases such as heart attack.

Prevents premature skin aging

Brazilian cookie is a good choice for improving skin health. Selenium and vitamin E content gives the skin a healthy shine and increases the elasticity of the skin. Thus, it prevents premature aging. In addition, there are researches that the Brazilian cookie prevents diseases such as skin dryness and eczema. Vitamins in the Brazilian snack are also known to make hair shinier.

Do not exceed the daily amount

Because it is a salty and fatty food, excessive consumption may cause weight gain. In addition, those with a sensitive body may cause some allergic reactions in those prone to allergies. Exceeding the daily amount can cause stomach discomfort and adversely affect health.


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