Temel Kotil Announces TAI's Roadmap on Helicopters

S Raider Sikorsky FARA
S Raider Sikorsky FARA

"What's Happening?" In the program, Temel Kotil made important statements about TAI's road map on helicopters. In the interview he attended, Kotil made statements on helicopter projects and gave new information from T-625 Gökbey to T-925 10 ton class General Purpose Helicopter.

T-625 Gokbey

Temel Kotil announced that Gökbey's certification flights are continuing and the 4th prototype is in the production phase. Emphasizing the difference between the test flight and the certification flight in order to indicate where the project came from, Kotil said that 2022 helicopters will be delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command in 3. He also mentioned that helicopters in the class Gökbey belongs to have an important place in the export arena.

gokbey helskopteri certification flight


Temel Kotil also made some statements on the T-929 ATAK-II, which will respond to the TSK's heavy class attack helicopter needs. He said that the engines of the helicopter, which will make its first flight in 2023, have been agreed with Ukraine and that the engine to be used will have 2.500 horsepower. It is possible that this engine is TV3-117VMA, the only engine of Ukraine in the specified power class.


Stating that a better helicopter than Apache was targeted with the T-929 ATAK-II, Kotil also made some statements about the weapon load. He mentioned that the helicopter will use new design weapon systems and that a 30 mm cannon was developed for ATAK-II by the TRMekatronik company in partnership with Sarsılmaz and TAI, and that this cannon (the bullets it uses) will be effective against armored vehicles.

Agir Tarruz Helicopter Project TAI

T-925 General Purpose Helicopter

Providing new information about the 10-ton Class General Purpose Helicopter, which is not much information about, Temel Kotil used the name T-925 for the first time when talking about the helicopter. From here it is possible to observe that a standard has been established for naming helicopters (T- [Weight class] [General Purpose: 25 / Attack: 29]). Kotil, adding that the helicopter will have a capacity of 19 people and a component partnership with T-929 ATAK-II, announced that the T-925 will make its first flight in 2025.

tons GMH

Coaxial Rotor Platforms

Asked whether TUSAŞ is working on a tiltrotor aircraft such as the V-22 Osprey, he answered that coaxial rotor platforms rather than tiltrotors were considered for the post-ATAK-II. As is known, the only tiltrotor aircraft in active service is the US-origin V-22 Osprey.

v osprey japan x

Kotil cited the coaxial rotor prototypes that Sikorsky has recently developed. Coaxial rotor aircraft maintain balance by means of a second rotor rotating in a different direction instead of the tail rotor. Russia currently uses Ka-25 Hormone and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters with this principle.


Recently, coaxial rotor aircraft have evolved in different directions. Importance of transfer capabilities and survivability in helicopters kazanIn order to meet this need, a "pusher" propeller has been added to this design. The first examples of this nature are the SB>1 Defiant and S-97 Raider developed by Sikorsky. Vehicles of this type can reach speeds close to 200 knots.

S Raider Sikorsky FARA

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