Asphalt Work Started On The Road Of Gaziantep Hospital Area

Asphalt work started on the road to gaziantep hospitals zone
Asphalt work started on the road to gaziantep hospitals zone

Hot asphalt casting has begun for the road to be opened on the five thousand-meter line taken under the GAZIRAY Project, which aims to ease the transportation of the 'Hospitals Area' by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its infrastructure and superstructure works continuously in order to increase the living standards and quality of the city, continues to work to ease the transportation of the area where the hospitals and hotels are located in the Mujahide neighborhood, which is called the hospital zone. In this context, Metropolitan Municipality started hot asphalt casting in the area of ​​five thousand meters above the project, with the GAZIRAY Project taking the part of the five thousand meters passing through the city underground. In the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department teams, a new three thousand-meter bicycle path will also be built. In the study, which aims to increase the number of entrance and exit road connections to the region, a new one-way and two-lane road will be opened to the hospitals area through Ali Fuat Cebesoy Boulevard. In this way, transportation to the region will be faster and easier. A one-way road arrangement will be made for the citizens using the traffic of the region, and the traffic of the region will be relieved with alternative roads.

For the car parking problem in the hospital area, a new parking lot will be done. In addition to road works in an area of ​​200 thousand square meters, including the top of the underground part of GAZIRAY, landscaping, green areas and walking paths will be created. With the work to be done, a new attraction center will be created in the region.

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