Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. Results of the National Children's Painting Competition Have Been Announced

The Results of the Akkuyu Nukleer AS National Children's Picture Competition Have Been Announced
The Results of the Akkuyu Nukleer AS National Children's Picture Competition Have Been Announced

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. The winning works in the national painting contest organized within the scope of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day were determined.

The theme of this year's contest was "Clean Energy for a Clean Future". Within the scope of the competition, the participants were asked to underline the importance of building nuclear power plants in terms of meeting the increasing energy demand, and to emphasize the importance of nuclear energy, which does not produce greenhouse gases and thus is a power source that will protect the environment for future generations. The competition was held in two different age categories, between 6 and 14 years old, 6-10 years old and 11-14 years old. Applications for the competition, which was held in online format, were made by sending a scanned version of the picture or sending the photograph by e-mail.

The contest attracted great attention among children despite the COVID-19 outbreak. With the number of applications exceeding 150 in total, a record has been set in the history of the competition. Applications, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa and Turkey was held over as many other provinces found.

While the applications for the contest are planned to be made between April 1-15, the deadline for applications has been extended until April 18 due to high demand.

The evaluation of the pictures was done in two separate stages. Participants' applications are first sent to AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. It was evaluated by the employees of Mersin Community Information Center and a professional fine arts teacher. As a result of this preliminary evaluation, a list containing 30 pictures was created and these were presented to the evaluation of the honorary representatives in the competition jury. In the main jury, Mersin's leading TV channel Kanal 33 Chairman Turgay Demirtaş, Anadolu Agency Mersin reporter Sezgin Pancar and Gulnar's Voice Newspaper Yalçın Taşlıalan, as well as General Manager Press from AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Its Secretary Vasiliy Korelskiy and Private Secretary Natalya Konovalova were present.

As a result of the evaluations, 5 each in each age category kazanthe moment is determined. The winners in the 6-10 age category are Ulyana Sezemina, Zeynep Sena Ayhan, Mariia Beliaeva, Cennet Karakaya and Naz Oralp; Elif Beren Çalgıcı, Sura Yaşa, Ayselnur Akar, Aleksandra Malysheva and Arina Daibova were in the 11-14 age category. A one-month online painting course will be given to the children who are ranked, as well as handicraft sets and souvenir gifts from AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. In addition, all the participants of the competition will be the owners of the "contest participation certificate" prepared in electronic environment.

Judging the pictures of the contestants, the jury members AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Regarding the National Children's Painting Competition, he said:

Anadolu Agency correspondent Sezgin Pancar: “I was happy to be in the competition that AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. organized for such a meaningful day. It was very enjoyable to have the chance to examine the beautiful works of children. "

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Private Secretary Natalya Konovalova: “I really liked the pictures of all the contestants. I would like to note that the pictures are very bright and bright, with almost no gloomy tones. This shows that children grow up in wonderful families, in an atmosphere of love and helpfulness, for that I thank their parents very much. Many paintings depict nature; animals, mountains, clear skies, which means children understand that the nuclear power plant is safe and reliable for the environment. "

AKKUYU NUCLEAR INC. Press Secretary of the General Manager Vasily Korelskiy: “The drawings are all great. All children are talented without exception. Each participant did their best by taking a pencil and drawing their own thoughts. For us, each painting is very valuable and interesting. The important thing is that the theme of love for nature and animals, family and friends, home and homeland, science and new technologies is present in each painting. I am sure that such competitions will be held in the future. That's why kazanAnyone who wants to paint can start making new bright and interesting paintings right now. Thank you to all the participants.”

The pictures of the participants will be shared on the official Instagram and Facebook pages of AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. with the tags #akkuyu, # akkuyunirdek, # Akkuyu23April, # TemizGelecekİçinTemizEnerji and # AkkuyuPicture Contest

AKKUYU NUCLEAR INC. also, kazancongratulated the moments and wished success in their art and education life.

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