5 Methods to Protect Children in the Digital World

The method to protect children in the digital world
The method to protect children in the digital world

In recent years, the rate of children's participation in the computer and internet environment has been increasing. According to published reports, one of every 3 internet users appears as a child.

Children spend more time in the digital world than their parents, teachers and friends. However, this situation brings with it some threats for the healthy cognitive and physical development of children. With its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared recommendations to protect children from the dangers in the digital world, which has recently increased.

Raising awareness of children about possible dangers

Parents are constantly striving to protect their children from real-life dangers. Likewise, it is possible to protect children from the possible risks of the virtual world by teaching them to use the internet consciously, safely and effectively.

Not neglecting parental supervision

The child should not be left alone during the time spent on the internet, and should be under the supervision of the parent. In addition, the child's behavior should be closely observed. If there are unexpected changes such as mood swings, reluctance and lack of attention to your lessons, their steps in the digital world should be closely monitored.

Defining daily usage time instead of banning

The wishes and needs of children about the digital world should be taken into consideration by their parents. Instead of banning or taking a strict stance, the daily use time should be determined. If this period of use is exceeded, it should be patient and the communication language should be used to ensure that the child abides by the determined daily usage period.

Using blocking programs

Parents should definitely check the websites that children have visited in order to avoid possible digital dangers. Sites that are not suitable for their age and that may have a negative impact on the psychology of the child should be blocked with the help of website blocking programs.

Spending time in the real world

There are some negative emotional and psychological effects of constantly spending time with the screen, tablet and computer. Not being able to prevent these negative situations causes children to be more nervous and react aggressively. Parents; They should spend quality time with their children in real life, be in constant communication, choose games that can be played as a family if possible, go for a walk outside the home or participate in various activities together.



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