460 Terrorist Targets Hit in Claw-Lightning and Claw-Lightning Operations

terrorist target was hit in pence lightning and pence yildirim operations
terrorist target was hit in pence lightning and pence yildirim operations

The Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar talked to the unit commanders who participated in the Claw-Lightning and Claw-Yıldırım operations from the Land Forces Command Operations Center, and gave instructions regarding the operations by video conference method.

Minister Akar stated that the TSK continues its struggle with determination and determination against all kinds of threats and dangers, especially terrorist organizations such as FETO, PKK / KCK and DAESH, for the security of 84 million citizens.

In this context, Minister Akar stated that the operations against the PKK / KCK in northern Iraq continue uninterruptedly with increasing violence and pace, and said that these terrorist organizations have suffered heavy losses as a result of the successful operations carried out so far by the Turkish Armed Forces.

Stating that the terrorist organization PKK / KCK continues to exist in some regions in northern Iraq, re-establish shelter areas and positions, and it has been determined that they are preparing an attack against TSK elements, Minister Akar said:

“In line with our legitimate defense rights arising from international law in order to eliminate terrorist attacks against our people and base areas from the north of Iraq by neutralizing the PKK / KCK and other terrorist elements and to ensure our border security, an operation has been started against the terrorists in the region from Friday, April 23 at 17.40. Operations continue.

Nearly 400 targets consisting of shelters, shelters and caves of terrorists have been affected by ground fire support vehicles, and more than 60 targets by our Air Force elements. It is considered that many terrorists have been neutralized thanks to this operation. Subsequently, our commandos, supported by Air Force elements, ground fire support vehicles, ATAK Helicopters, UAVs and SİHAs, carried out air assault operations and land infiltration operations in the region. Domestic and national ammunition is used at the maximum rate in the operations. "


Minister Akar underlined that in the planning and execution of these operations, which are carried out in coordination with friends and allies, all kinds of sensitivity are shown for the protection of innocent people, friendly elements, historical and cultural assets and the environment. There are terrorist organizations such as PKK / KCK and DAESH that aim to drag them into chaos. " used the expression.

Stating that the fight against terrorism by the Turkish Armed Forces will continue with determination and determination until the last terrorist is neutralized, Minister Akar made the following assessment:

“There is no longer a safe place for terrorists to feel comfortable. No matter which lair they enter, whatever stone they hide under, our commandos, that is, you will find the terrorists and neutralize them. Hero Mehmetçik will successfully complete these operations with the inspiration of the love, trust and prayer of our noble nation. We have full faith and assurance in this. "

Stating that no one should doubt that he is at the helm of his nation with his national, moral and professional values ​​filtered from the glorious history of the TAF for thousands of years, Minister Akar continued his words as follows:

“On this occasion, I commemorate with respect and gratitude all the elders and commanders of our state who helped us to reach these levels in this land, which has been our homeland for a thousand years, from Sultan Alparslan to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. I commemorate our saints martyrs and our heroic veterans who passed away with mercy and gratitude, and offer my respect and gratitude to our surviving hero veterans and the precious families of our martyrs and veterans.

I kiss the foreheads of all my guns and colleagues, who are currently working with heroism and sacrifice on land, sea and air, in difficult climate and terrain conditions, especially my heroic comrades who participated in the operation, and I wish you successful missions without accidents, trouble, trouble.

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