Armenian Allegations Regarding the Events of 1915

Armenian claims regarding the events
Armenian claims regarding the events

In the written statement made by the President of the USA on April 24, 2021, he used the term "genocide" regarding the 1915 events. After a written statement by the authorities of the Republic of Turkey "severe reprimand and refusals" it was made.

Again, April 24 and the 1915 Events, which have become a subject of other social sciences such as sociology, psychology, international relations, while both social media and the public sphere were occupied with the use of unconscious people in a conscious and organized way. the day it was used.

One of the most politicized social media, when you examine the April 24 tags on Twitter, it is possible to see how corrupt and an endless discussion the issue has become, and when you examine it in depth, it is actually deliberately brought to this state. Well, what is the importance of knowing April 24 for us beautiful Turkish youth who are already over-politicized? What happened on April 24 and did our ancestors really commit a genocide?

In order to understand the Armenian Question, which has become a sui generis subject of discussion, it is necessary to first examine some concepts and the differences between them, the meaning of which we need to know well. For example, what does the concept of genocide mean? Indeed, should all Armenians have been exterminated when (for example) genocide was committed?

The meaning of genocide in our favorite source of information, Wiki; “Genocide or genocide; means the set of actions and consequences undertaken within the framework of a plan and with the intention of destroying the individuals of a community or communities that can be distinguished from others by race, species, political opinion, religion, social status or any other distinctive features.

We see that the two most important elements for killing to turn into the concept of genocide from the framework of concepts such as murder or mass murder; A community that can be distinguished by some of its features should be a victim and the action should be organized / carried out within the framework of a plan.

At the same time, "Since we committed the Armenian Genocide then why are there still Armenians?" We can see that his perception is also a wrong evaluation because even if he could not kill anyone, an attempt of genocide is a crime even in terms of intention. At the same time, it should be noted that genocide is not only direct killing, but also includes sub-categories such as deportation or death march.

Did we embark on a genocide campaign with the aim of exterminating the Armenians? Did we deport them?
Unfortunately, the concept of relocation comes to mind today when the events of 1915 are mentioned, because the issue has been handled only by our historians for many years. Conceptually, although we seem to have created a thesis against the allegations by saying the Armenian Genocide instead of the Armenian Genocide, it means deportation, that is, "Don't migrate, don't cause migration, don't deport." (TDK) and "Deportation" in English is essentially a crime of genocide. In time of war, deportation or deportation by subjecting a society to a forced migration due to its certain characteristics is considered a crime of genocide within the concept of deportation, that is, deportation.

Therefore, the error that we made ourselves from the first stages started in the conceptualization process. As a matter of fact, although the concept of deportation is not mentioned anywhere in the law published as of the period, the full name of the law is: Dispatch and Settlement Law.

dispatch and settlement
dispatch and settlement

The reason for doing this is the participation of the Armenian Political Parties in the Ottoman Parliament and the Armenian Social Democratic Hinchak Party and the Dashnaksut, namely the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, in the regions known as the Vilayet-i Sitte, namely the city of Van, in the Russian-backed riots. and facilitating the Russian invasion with the chaos and chaos it created in the region, and even occupying the province of Van between 19 April and 17 May 1915.

So what exactly has been done?

As a result of the weakening of the state's control over the people due to the World War, especially as a result of the tribes, great frictions began to emerge between the Armenian gangs and the people of the region. So much so that both sides have become more and more acted with hatred and hatred in order to avenge what has been done before, after a certain point, other Armenian groups living in the region and innocent Muslim citizens in the same way are inevitably affected by these conflicts. had happened. So the state had to find a solution to this. As a result, Armenian population, especially in central regions such as Sivas, Muş, and Van, Provided that all assets are recorded, again in the territory of the Ottoman Empire started to be shipped to other regions.

So when did this start? May 27, 1915 So what is this April 24?

April 24, 1915 is the day when some Armenian political leaders and opinion leaders were arrested due to their encouragement and support to the riots and some of them were detained during the war and transferred to other prisons in Anatolia. As a matter of fact, some of those arrested were found to be innocent and released back.

TLDR: A Brief Analysis

If we take a brief overview of what we have said in general;

  1. Undoubtedly, in the events of 1915, there were many casualties and sad incidents in both Muslim and non-Muslim society.
  2. One of the biggest factors in this happening is the Armenian gangs who participated in the riots with the encouragement of Russia and used their role and position both in the Ottoman parliament and in the society, and provided strength to the rebellions.
  3. However, the fact that the deaths occurred is not enough for both sides to claim "genocide", because this concept includes the massacres in a certain framework, as it is a legal concept.
  4. At this point, using the concepts of "so-called Armenian Genocide" or "Armenian Relocation" is likewise very harmful for Turkish claims because it is necessary to sit at a point where the reality of history confirms our claims and to directly cut this issue with the concept of "so-called" or to the issue unconsciously with concepts such as "relocation". To give support to counter-claims is to squeeze it on our own heel, in the simplest terms.
  5. The Armenian Issue is one of the issues that we should be aware of as a society, because the label of "denier" has been developed in the world public opinion regarding the issue, so when the issue is to be addressed as a reality of history (which Turkish theses are completely based on), the label of "denier" is used directly and by hiding behind human values. political interests are tried to be obtained. The efforts of the Armenian Lobbies for decades will undoubtedly prevail over our work that is limited to 1 day or 1 week a year.

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