Full 14 Awards from IF Design to Hyundai

if design to hyundai full reward
if design to hyundai full reward

IF Design, one of the most prestigious design organizations in the world, gave 14 awards to Hyundai. E-Pit Fast Charger of Hyundai, whose designs were awarded, won the gold award. kazanwas. Having won awards in areas such as application, mobility and architecture, Hyundai also came to the fore with its concepts.

Hyundai Motor Company has achieved incredible success by winning multiple awards at the world-renowned IF Design awards. The "E-Pit Ultra Fast Charger" developed for electric vehicles left its mark on this organization, which is considered to be quite prestigious awards. “Gold Award” kazanAt the moment, this special charging system draws attention with its appearance and aesthetic lines as well as its functionality.

Gold Award: E-Pit Ultra Fast Charger

The gold award, the top tier, was awarded to the Hyundai E-Pit ultra-fast charger this year. Generally solving problems such as long cables, complex operating principles and the charge level that cannot be monitored instantly, Hyundai also offers users a superior experience in terms of hygiene. Inspired by Formula 1 pit stops, the Hyundai Design Center offers electric car owners fast, easy, convenient and first-class services, providing E-Pit stations. This station, which is extremely simple to use, is also very impressive with its design.

The iF Design Award seven times in a row in the organization where the designs of approximately 10.000 new products were examined. kazanAn Hyundai has also achieved success in various disciplines such as 10,25 inch digital display user interface, communication, architecture and professional concept. Award for the first time in brand communication kazanAn Hyundai changed its logo under the "Safety First" theme, which it used especially during the Covid-19 process, and separated the H figure shaking hands with each other. Hyundai also won awards with the organizers and agendas it prepared with its corporate logo and fonts. kazanwas. These designs, which draw attention in terms of layout and readability, highlight the advanced corporate identity of the brand.

In addition, these agendas, which are prepared with waste materials from vehicle scrapyards, are completely environmentally friendly. Awarded with the “Path to Sustainability” report kazanWhile choosing a single color in the stylish book it prepared, Hyundai also used environmentally friendly recycled paper and less ink and paint.

Award for the TV channel "Channel Hyundai" kazanThanks to this smart application it has developed, an Hyundai instantly shares detailed information about automobiles, the latest developments in motorsports, and content such as culture and art with the audience.

Hyundai's mobile vehicle application Bluelink also received an award from IF Design. Providing an uninterrupted connection between the vehicle and the user, this system provides convenience to the user while driving in terms of infotainment and enhanced usability.

Hyundai Motor Company Global Training Center also received an award in the architectural category. Focusing on education for the automotive industry, this facility attracted the attention of designers with its lighting, ventilation and metal façade system.

Award with the concept of "Prophecy" kazanBy establishing a strong emotional bond between people and cars, Hyundai aims to add more value to daily life and experiences. The aesthetic exterior design, which is far from ordinary, consists of longitudinal aerodynamic lines. Including smoother transitions in the interior, Hyundai also uses electrification technology in this special concept.

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