Training from Gendarmerie for Drivers in Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​Train Construction

İzmir ankara high speed train construction training for drivers from the gendarmerie
İzmir ankara high speed train construction training for drivers from the gendarmerie

60 drivers working in the Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​Railway construction were trained by the gendarmerie in the Alaşehir district of Manisa. In the training where many subjects were given, it was underlined that Alaşehir is an agricultural city and that it is necessary to be more careful against tractor and motorcycle users with the increase in agricultural activities in the coming days.

The training, which was held in the meeting room of the construction site of the contractor firm of the high-speed railway construction site in Matarlı District of Alaşehir, was given by Alaşehir District Gendarmerie Command, Senior Sergeant Sergeant Mehmet Can Hazer in charge of traffic. In the training, vehicle drivers were informed about vehicle maintenance, speed rules, priority of crossing at intersections, the importance of seat belts, overtaking construction, using mobile phones, pedestrian priority, stopping and stopping, precautions to be taken in traffic accidents and the structural characteristics of the area.

After explaining the rules to be followed, Alaşehir District Gendarmerie Command Senior Sergeant, Mehmet Can Hazar, stated that vehicles that must be obligatory such as reflectors, light equipment, tachograph, tire, first aid kit, vehicle parts should be kept in good condition, careful use of the vehicles and residential areas. He informed the drivers about what to do in the face of crossings, crossings at intersections, accidents with property damage, injured and fatal accidents.

Providing information about the structural features of the region, Hazer said, “The period in which agricultural workers will begin in the coming days. Active periods of tractors and motorcycles will begin. Therefore, the public service you have done here, the high-speed train is being built, it has the construction. Therefore, the traffic will be very heavy. Here, we wanted to remind you of the traffic rules again in order to prevent accidents, to reduce and minimize complaints from citizens. " said.

Drawing attention to the importance of the training given, Edip Gülhan, general foreman of the construction site, said, “It has been very positive that the drivers of our commercial vehicles, construction machinery, service and mixer drivers in our high-speed railway construction site were trained by the Alaşehir Gendarmerie Command teams. This training has definitely had an impact on drivers. The competent people of this job, being informed by our traffic commanders, made our drivers become more conscious. said.

Halil Karaoğlan, one of the drivers who attended the training, said, “We received information about technical training from the gendarmerie, they told us the necessary information, we were satisfied with the training we received. “Thank you very much to our relevant authorities”, and another participant, Mehmed Ali Wave, said: “Our gendarmerie commander visited us today. He gave us a good education by stating that we obey the traffic rules, how important these rules are, and the material and moral defects that will affect us. Traffic training, traffic accidents and uncontrolled accidents as a result of traffic movements were explained to the drivers participating in the training with slide shows. The rules definitely wanted to be followed. "

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