New Controlled Normalization Process Has Started! So Were the Prohibitions Lifted, Are Schools Opened?

The new controlled normalization process has begun, but when the bans are lifted, are the schools opened?
The new controlled normalization process has begun, but when the bans are lifted, are the schools opened?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the nation after the Presidential Cabinet Meeting held at the Presidential Complex. Erdogan, coronavirus outbreak of the Turkey to spread to and liable for about 1 year after the measures take to begin, scientists on 18 March 2020, the business world and about their meeting with all segments followed common sense and decision process as emerging comprehensive measure of the nation reminded that it was shared.

Expressing that they tightened the measures during the periods when the epidemic spread, and they took normalization steps in the periods when the course of the epidemic was downward, Erdogan explained that they created additional support packages for all segments affected by the measures they took in the process and that they were put into practice, and made the following evaluations:

“Of course, despite everything, there were citizens whose jobs were disrupted and their income decreased due to epidemic measures. By following them closely, we tried to support them in many different ways and methods. In some countries, deficiencies in health care and economic opportunity of the difficulties have not revealed due to climate chaos to occur in Turkey. When we look at the results of the one-year course of the epidemic in the world and in our country, this is what we see; Turkey stands both health care and preventive measures in place both in terms of economic support that everyone appreciates follow. We are an exemplary country in every aspect, from the service capacity of our hospitals to the speed of vaccination, from economic support to our commitment to the continuation of production. Reaching more than 9 percent of the population with the number of vaccinations today totaling 10 million, Turkey is among the top 5 countries in the world. "

Underlining that they do not leave any citizen without a doctor, medicine and mask, and that all the state's resources are mobilized against financial fluctuations, President Erdoğan said, “The movement in the Central Bank reserves, which some people keep asking, is actually a sign of how difficult and difficult the struggle was in this period. Let our nation be sure that every penny in the coffers of the state, every item in its budget, is used to secure the common future of 84 million. According to the course of the epidemic, we will continue to stand by each member of our people at any time and in every field. " used the expressions.

Erdogan stated that they are constantly updating their strategy to combat the epidemic by closely following the developments in the world and especially in the European geography.

In this context, Erdogan conveyed to the nation that they have started the new Controlled Normalization period as of today, as they had previously promised, and underlined that the tightening and loosening of the measures are completely related to the course of the epidemic.

Erdogan, dispose of the normalization steps in an environment where the spread of the epidemic or pointing out that it is impossible to continue, stressed that Turkey's many state compared geographical area and the steps because it is a large country as the population should also be taken in gradually.

Reminding that the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee classify provinces according to various criteria, especially the number of cases per 100 population, Erdogan noted that according to this assessment, 81 provinces are divided into low-risk blue, medium-risk yellow, high-risk orange and very high-risk red.

covid map
covid map


President Erdoğan stated that the colors of the provinces will be re-determined every week according to the risk situation and that the normalization practice will be updated every two weeks.

“Our provincial sanitation committees under the chairmanship of our governorships will review the application and make new regulations according to this update. The decision to tighten or loosen the measures will be made according to the improvement or worsening of the epidemic in each of our provinces. The more our citizens abide by the epidemic measures we have summarized as 'cleaning, mask and distance' at every moment of their daily lives, the faster they will ensure that their provinces can transition to normalization. Otherwise, the restrictions can be expanded again where the epidemic has an increasing trend. In other words, each province will determine the level of implementation of the epidemic measures there. "


Stating that they discussed in detail how the normalization steps should be taken in principle at the Cabinet meeting, President Erdoğan said:

“According to this, while the curfew will be lifted in low and medium risk provinces, it will continue on Sunday for a while in high and very high risk provinces. On the other hand, the curfew restriction between 21.00 and 05.00 in our country will continue. Schools, Turkey in primary education in all preschool institutions in general, 8th and 12th grades will be opened to education. In addition, education and training will be initiated in low and medium risk provinces at other levels including secondary schools and high schools. In our high and very high risk provinces, apart from the general practice, only face-to-face exams in high schools will be held. Restaurant, restaurants, cafes, sweet shop, patisserie, kıraathane, places such as the tea garden, far outside high-risk provinces will be able to continue their activities in Turkey with 07.00 percent capacity between the hours of 19.00:50 and 09.00:19.00. Carpet pitch, swimming pool and similar facilities will be able to operate between XNUMX and XNUMX in our low and medium risk provinces. "


President Erdogan, "to return to normal working hours of the public in all of Turkey, the governor will make different arrangements if needed. While the regulation regarding our citizens over 65 and under the age of 20, whose curfew hours are limited, will be lifted in our low and medium risk provinces, the curfew time will be increased in provinces with high and very high risk. " he spoke.

Announcing the new decisions regarding the normalization steps regarding wedding ceremonies, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“Weddings in the form of weddings and ceremonies can be held in our low and medium risk provinces with a maximum of 100 people and in high and high risk areas not exceeding 50 people and not exceeding one hour. General assemblies of non-governmental organizations, trade associations, cooperatives and similar organizations can be held in low, medium and high risk provinces with a participation of not more than 300 people.

As I mentioned before, how the practices regarding other issues will be determined will be determined by our provincial hygiene committees under the chairmanship of our governorships. Our goal is to complete the Controlled Normalization process throughout our country as soon as possible. Inspections regarding the implementation of the measures will be carried out in a more stringent and determined manner within this framework. pioneering and exemplary in all matters during the outbreak of the loosening of restrictions in Turkey, and I hope to completely eliminate the issues I strongly believe show the same success. "

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