We still have a large number of people who have never had a vaccine appointment

we still have a lot of people who have never had a rebel date
we still have a lot of people who have never had a rebel date

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Family Physicians Associations (AHEF) Dr. Yusuf Eryazğan said, "We think that the ministry has not been able to explain the system and inform the public sufficiently about vaccination."

As AHEF, we have communicated to the Ministry of Health that the confusion about vaccines will be eliminated with a central system from the beginning of the vaccination centers by informing people with sms via public service announcements. Stating that the ministry did not take the necessary steps in this regard, Dr. Yusuf Eryazğan; “Especially family physicians who are registered in family health centers question this in applications made for various reasons and investigate the reasons. The most important factor here is that the confusion about the effectiveness of the vaccine is reflected on the citizens. In addition, these people are called by the district health directorates and their reasons are questioned ”.

Dr. Eryazğan stated that the age group over the age of 65 has many chronic diseases, scaring them in the direction of the increase in the number of seriously ill cases, and that every citizen over the age of 65 who is not vaccinated is at a very high risk. “Especially in this period when the number of cases increased, if we consider that these citizens are re-mixed into the society with normalization and they are in collective areas, it means that a big problem awaits us. At this point, the protection of the vaccine comes to the forefront, it has been shown in studies that the current vaccine prevents 80% -90% of the severe patient and hospitalization rate. It turns out that 70% of the society should have at least two doses of vaccine. "

herd immunity kazanStating that the vaccine to be administered can only be in the beginning of 2022, if the vaccine goes at this rate, Dr. Eryazğan said that this expectation may come true, but the mutations that will emerge here and the vaccination of some of the population and the fact that some of them are unvaccinated will both increase the number of cases and reflect on the number of deaths. “The supply of vaccines should be increased and not only family health centers, but also tens of thousands of vaccine rooms opened in hospitals should be actively activated. Or, the vaccination centers that we have recommended from the beginning as AHEF should be established so that we can reach this rate within 3 months.”

Pointing out that the rate of not being vaccinated under the age of 65 is 9 percent, he emphasized that this is due to many factors and that the issue is not directly related to the vaccine anti-vaccine, but rather not to know the benefits of the vaccine. Yusuf Eryazğan said, “It is a great deficiency that the Ministry does not provide enough information on this issue. "We know this because this is how the patients we interviewed return from."

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