Turkey's First Indigenous National Surveillance Radar in Gaziantep

turkiyenin first indigenous national surveillance radar gaziantepte
turkiyenin first indigenous national surveillance radar gaziantepte

Gaziantep Governor David Rose, Oğuzeli Governor Büşra Uçar Turkey's first civil aviation system was intended approach radar observations in the National Surveillance radars.

The construction of the radar system developed within the scope of the National Surveillance Radar / SSR MODE-S Research and Development Project was completed and provisionally accepted on 13.11.2020, the Contractor (TÜBİTAK) notified on 08.12.2020 that the system required for the field acceptance test studies of the built radar building was made ready. The acceptance phase had started. With the activation of MGR, "Approach Control Services" will be actively used in air traffic control services with domestic products at Gaziantep Airport for the first time in our country.

The system, which will be used as a surveillance tool in Turkish airspace of 1 million square kilometers, will both meet the needs of the country in this area and eliminate foreign dependency.

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