New Risk Map Announced by Turkey City

risk map
risk map

Gradual normalization process of Turkey's risk map every week coronavirus, color map is updated every two weeks. Turkey is low, moderate, high and very high risk separated according to color as provincial and constraints were identified.

Weekly Case Map by City

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, on his Twitter account, shows the current map with the number of coronavirus cases seen in 100 thousand people from province to province. It is possible to normalize by following the measures. " shared with the message.

Case map by province

Provinces with a weekly number of cases less than 100 per 10 thousand will be considered "low", 11-35 "medium", 36-100 "high", and over 100 provinces with "very high" risk. The Ministry, according to the February 15 to 21 historic number Covidien-100 cases per 19 thousand people covering the period of data, based on the number of cases in Turkey 5 provinces with low-risk, 25 provinces medium risk and 39 provincial high-risk, 12 provinces are entering into a very high-risk category .

Coronavirus Risk Map of Provinces by Color

risk map

6-12 March Number of Cases by City

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared the current map with the number of coronavirus cases seen in 100 thousand people from province to province on his Twitter account.

The change compared to the previous week drew attention on the map, which includes data between March 6-12.

According to provinces, between March 6-12, the number of Kovid-19 cases per 100 thousand people was 178,25 in Istanbul, 68,53 in Ankara and 78,57 in Izmir.

According to weekly data, the most Kovid-100 cases per 19 thousand were seen in Samsun, Sinop, Giresun, Balıkesir and Kilis.

The provinces with at least Kovid-100 cases per 19 thousand were listed as Siirt, Şırnak, Hakkari, Şanlıurfa and Batman.

Number of Cases by City

Province Name Number
Adana 63,00
Adiyaman 154,63
Afyon 47,50
Pain 22,22
Aksaray 173,52
Amasya 163,64
Ankara 68,53
Antalya 95,16
Ardahan 73,83
Artvin 100,88
Aydin 58,71
Balikesir 257,60
Bartin 62,82
Batman 15,64
Bayburt 51,28
Bilecik 81,38
Bingol 25,20
Bitlis 15,95
Bolu 65,76
Burdur 86,49
Bursa 78,47
Canakkale 149,76
Cankiri 47,29
Corum 73,19
Denizli 41,50
Diyarbakir 17,83
Duzce 81,63
Edirne 200,36
Elazig 29,59
Erzincan 53,75
Erzurum 45,63
Eskisehir 74,59
Gaziantep 67,44
Giresun 296,84
Gumushane 137,61
Hakkari 7,84
Hatay 69,43
Igdir 80,97
Isparta 61,09

Within the scope of the 'Controlled Normalization' measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic, the colors of the provinces will be redefined according to the number of cases every week, and the normalization practice will be updated every two weeks.

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