Toybelen Industrial Site Construction Work Continues at Full Speed

Toybelen industrial site construction work continues at full speed
Toybelen industrial site construction work continues at full speed

Construction works continue at full speed in Toybelen Industrial Estate area where Gülsan Industrial Estate will be moved. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “The ongoing excavations are about to be completed. Prefabricated assemblies will be made as of April. At the end of 2022, Gülsan tradesmen will now be in their new place, ”he said.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great efforts to bring Samsun to a more modern and contemporary identity in urban planning within the scope of its 2023 goals, will transfer the Gülsan Industrial Site to the new industrial site to be established in Toybelen. In Toybelen Industrial Estate where Gülsan will move, intensive work is dominant. It was stated that the excavations in the area, which is under construction, have been completed at a rate of 95 percent. It was stated that prefabricated assemblies will be made in April. The Industrial Site, which will be built on 270 decares of the reserve area of ​​700 thousand decares, will have a total of 100 shops and 348 commercial units, including 200 shops of 1178 square meters and 1526 shops of 82 square meters.


Stating that they are very happy to solve the Gülsan Industrial Site problem, which has been spoken and sought for many years in Samsun, Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “As soon as we finish the construction in Toybelen, we will demolish Gülsan and build a square worthy of Samsun. Samsun wins in both ways. First of all, Gülsan will collapse and become a place where our people will have a good time and where many cultural elements will take place together with the mosque. Secondly, Samsun will have acquired a modern and modern industry befitting it ”.



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