The Next Station in Akçaray is Conkbayırı

the next station in akcaray is conkbayiri
the next station in akcaray is conkbayiri

📩 18/03/2021 12:07

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the 106th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory with a different event. Theater actors affiliated with Kocaeli City Theaters stopped the tram while wearing military uniforms used in the Battle of Çanakkale and said "Stop Passenger!" said. Çanakkale martyrs and veterans were commemorated with mercy and gratitude at the event, where emotional moments were experienced.


The 18th anniversary of the 106 March Çanakkale Victory was commemorated in Kocaeli with an emotional program. Awareness was raised on the anniversary of the 18 March Victory at the event held in Akçaray. The station names of the tram departing from the bus station were changed and important symbols of the Dardanelles War such as Conkbayırı and Anafartalar were determined as the stop name. Citizens approaching the station where they were going to land were astonished for a while at the announcement they heard. Brief information about the places where the conflict is intense was also given.


The tram, which departs from the Yeni Cuma stop, was stopped by the theater actors affiliated with the City Theater wearing the military uniforms used in the Çanakkale War as it approached the Fevziye station. The soldiers getting on the tram read the poem "Bir Yolcuya" penned by Necmettin Halil Onan.


"Stop Traveler!" On the other hand, Turkish flags were presented to the people of Kocaeli. It was seen that many citizens could not hold back their tears in the memorial program where emotional moments were experienced. A minute's silence was held after the poem. Then, Çanakkale Folk Song was announced from the tram and the program ended.


As part of the 106th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, when the tram stops are approached, the place names that evoke the Çanakkale War will be announced on Thursday, March 18.


Expressing their feelings, passengers said, “Çanakkale is one of the important battles of the First World War. Our soldiers defeated an invincible armada, defeated the enemy. I think the first torch of our War of Independence was thrown here. May Allah not harm our nation. Metropolitan, Kocaeli City Theaters commemorated this important day. I thank them ”he said.

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