70 percent of the freight transport in the world, with 90 percent of Highways is being done in Turkey

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Turkey's largest digital Tırport logistics platform, logistics u dijitalleştirirk from the end, the owner of that digital assets and business volume has reached Europe has become one of the few logistics technology. Entering the year 2021 with hope, the Turkish logistics sector has the potential to reach $ 10 trillion in the next 1 years if it provides its end-to-end digital transformation and is supported with the right investments.

Road transport in the logistics sector continues to be the global leader. Highways are still the dominant sector in the transfer of products from one point to another. In the world, 70% of the freight transportation is done by highways. While the European Union average is around 75%, this rate is 70% in the USA and 60% in the UK. In Turkey, it made with 90% of road transport.

Stating that they have become one of the logistics platforms on a global scale with the digital technologies they have put into use, Tırport Board Member Responsible for Marketing Burcu Kale explained that they manage their logistics operations with end-to-end digital transformation on location-based and real-time. Explaining that they also implemented Tırport Insights as a logistics information service at the beginning of this year, Burcu Kale said that live and up-to-date data, reports, analyzes and predictions regarding the sector are published on this platform.

Burcu Kale, Board Member Responsible for Tırport Marketing, evaluated the data in Tırport Insights and said:

* According to the data of Tirport for the end of 2020, only 450/1 of the approximately 3 thousand FTL transports carried out in our country in one day consists of contracted transports. Transportation of nearly 300 thousand trucks per day takes place entirely in the spot market and logistics companies cannot get a share of this cake as there is no contracted logistics. The vast majority of these transports are in closed loops within certain regions. It takes place on short lines such as Aliağa-İzmir, Gebze-Derince, Sakarya-Derince, İnegöl-Bursa, Merzifon-Samsun, Tarsus-Mersin. Freight providers are mostly the producers in the SME category. Half of the cargo from the spot leaves 326 organized industrial zones, ports and warehouses.

* In our country, the busiest road freight traffic between provinces is between "Kocaeli-Istanbul". This includes Istanbul-Ankara, Bursa-Kocaeli, Ankara-Adana, Bursa-Istanbul, Istanbul-Izmir, Mersin-Adana, Antalya-Mersin, Antalya-Istanbul, Çanakkale-Balıkesir, Konya-Ankara, Konya-Adana, Samsun-Trabzon, Çorum-Samsun, Adana-Gaziantep are following the axes. Again, the busiest truck traffic in our country takes place between Gebze and Kocaeli, and this line is followed by Gebze-Istanbul, Adana-Mersin, Tarsus-Adana, Ankara-Polatlı, Nilüfer-Gemlik, Bursa-Balıkesir, Çorlu-İstanbul, Çumra-Konya lines. does.

* Busiest road freight traffic in Turkey, is taking place in the first days of the week. Freight traffic is gradually decreasing towards the end of the week, down to 30% of the total volume on Sunday.

* Average waiting time for trucks to unload load is approximately 11 hours. The average waiting time for picking up is 13 hours. These waiting times are still very high and 64% of the calls made by truckers to Tırport's smart call center are related to the waiting times in the download-overlay processes. With the widespread use of smart download-download appointment systems developed by Tırport, these periods will be reduced significantly in the coming days.

* The average number of trips for a truck that is a Tirport user is 7,7 per month. It covers an average of 344 km with cargo per voyage. While the idle rotation rate of trucks in our country is approximately 37%, this rate remains at the level of 24% for trucks with Tirport. According to another data, while a truck waits 2,5 days to find a new load in our country, this rate is maximum 1,5 days for truckers with Tirport.

* In 2020, 1/3 of the trucks on the roads are empty. 82% of our trucks going to Europe turn idle. The highest idle rotation rate is from Iraq with 90%.

* Depending on the economic conditions, the rate of self-ownership of logistics companies is rapidly decreasing. 858% of 95 thousand trucks on the road in Turkey belonging to individuals. This is a serious rate, and there is no such high rate of individuals in truck ownership in any country in the world. There are also large-volume logistics companies that do not have a single self-owned truck, despite transporting more than 2 thousand FTL per day. In short, the total market share of the 8 largest companies in the market is not 5% in our country, where there are around 2 thousand logistics and transportation companies, large and small.

* Turkey overall average age of the truck is 16 years old. In countries such as Germany and England, where we export the most, it is stated that almost 70% of the truck fleets are in the 0-5 age range. a fleet of trucks in Turkey, remains quite elderly when comparisons with Europe. Our country makes 50.5% of its total exports to the European Union and UK countries, and it is predicted that the increasing age of trucks in the coming years may cause problems in entering Europe.

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