Renault Symbol Replaces Taliant

symbol of renault is replaced by taliant
symbol of renault is replaced by taliant

After Renault, renewed logos and models, Taliant, the last representative of the expanding product family, is now getting ready to take the stage. Tailant, which will replace Renault Symbol, is expected to bring a new breath to the B Sedan segment. Tailant will be available in mid-2021 in Turkey. Symbol, from 1999 until the end of 2012 was produced in Oyak Renault plant in Turkey.

French automotive manufacturer Renault has unveiled a new sedan model. The B-segment model named Taliant was introduced with common design elements with other models of the brand.

According to the statement made, the name of the model was chosen with the aim of providing ease of pronunciation in different markets. It was also noted that Renault's new sedan's name refers to the word 'Talent', which means talent in English.

While the LED light signature in Renault's C form draws attention, there are also details such as a new and ergonomic instrument cluster.

It is also stated that Taliant has risen on the modular CMF-B platform, which is also used in other models of the brand. In the statement made by the brand, it was stated that the vehicle promised increased safety and comfort to its users.

In Taliant, which has not yet shared detailed information about engine options, Renault's Clio and Megane power options are expected to be used.

Price-performance car Taliant be expressed in the middle of 2021 is expected to be submitted to Turkey market.

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