Technology for Detecting Tire Wear from Sumitomo Rubber Industries

Technology that detects tire wear from sumitomo rubber industriest
Technology that detects tire wear from sumitomo rubber industriest

Sensing Core technology, further developed by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, enables the wear level of tires to be detected.

the parent company of Turkey Falk as the distributor of AKO Group makes tires with Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), to increase security and has developed a new technology that detects tire wear their new changing mobility trends of the automotive industry in order to contribute to the realization.

This breakthrough technological advance takes SRI's proprietary "Sensing Core" technology to the next step. Developed through extensive research by SRI on the dynamic behavior of tires, this innovative technology provides the ability to detect various tire-related conditions, including pressure, load and road conditions, as well as detect tire wear.



The rotation speed of the tires is analyzed and interpreted with customized digital filtering technology; This data is combined with engine data and other vehicle information to calculate tooth hardness and determine wear levels. This technology not only warns drivers of the wear condition of their tires, but also provides centralized management of tire conditions thanks to cloud computing technologies.

Sensing Core technology is distinguished from the others by its use of tires as sensors, it does not require additional detectors and does not require maintenance. This technology also enables cloud-based detection of potential problems with the ability to share wheel speed signal data and other information over the cloud.

Sensing Core, which will continue to develop in new steps, offers enormous potential for future applications for mobility and transportation service providers; While significantly reducing maintenance costs, it also ensures the overall safety of operations. Sensing Core is a key contributor to SRI's Smart Tire Concept and shaping the future of the automotive industry, which aims to accelerate the development of tires and peripherals to meet next-generation mobility demands such as CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric), MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and so on. it has the characteristic of being a technology.

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