Solid Wastes Will Be Transported By Train, Carbon Emissions Will Be Reduced In Manisa

solid wastes will be transported by train to manisa, carbon emissions will be reduced
solid wastes will be transported by train to manisa, carbon emissions will be reduced

📩 16/03/2021 17:17

Manisa Municipality, solid waste train as a first in Turkey to reduce its carbon footprint had its first trial run under the carriage. Thanks to the project carried out in cooperation with TCDD, carbon emissions will be reduced by saving 5 million liras of fuel and 3 million kilometers less road transport.

Manisa Municipality, continues to perform first in Turkey with environmental projects. The first trial run was made for the project of transporting the wastes to the Uzunburun Solid Waste Disposal and Regular Storage Facility, which is one of the environmentalist and biggest investments of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, by rail. Following the signing of the protocol involving the transportation of domestic solid wastes between Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate, the first trial expedition was carried out successfully. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Yıldırım and Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department Fatih Öztürk welcomed the first train to which solid wastes were transported at Manisa Train Station together with TCDD officials.

3 million pounds of fuel savings with 5 million kilometers less

Ertuğrul Yıldırım, Deputy Secretary General of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they had consulted with TCDD officials about the process at the train station, and that Manisa will experience another first with the instructions of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün. Lightning, "a first in the transportation of municipal solid waste in Turkey are implementing this project together with our co-TCDD. We see better how strong the logistics part of TCDD is in this project. At the same time, we will reduce the carbon emission in our city by realizing 5 million kilometers less road transportation with the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality's fuel savings of more than 3 million lira annually. Today, we made our first transport by train. By Allah's leave, we take delivery of all our vehicles and equipment at the beginning of April and start the process slowly. With the new investment to be announced by our Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Cengiz Ergün, we will both add value to our Manisa and realize the last phase of the 'Zero Waste' project initiated by First Lady Emine Erdoğan, the spouses of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. All the wastes of our 17 districts will be separated, recycled and recycled. Fertilizer will be obtained from organic waste. With our new investment, non-recyclable wastes will be transformed into energy and we will ensure that all waste is disposed of below 10 percent. We would like to thank everyone who contributed, ”he said.

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