Seka Park Skateboard Track Has Been Renewed

seka park skateboard track has been renewed
seka park skateboard track has been renewed

The beach in Izmit city center is zero, which is one of Turkey's largest industrial transformation project was renewed skateboard rink situated in the old Seka Park. The track, which could not be used during the training, became a frequent destination for adrenaline-loving youth after the training.


Seka Park, one of the largest city parks in the world and the biggest industrial transformation project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is one of the most frequented places of citizens. Renovation works are carried out periodically in Seka Park, which attracts the attention of citizens. In this context, the Seka Park skateboard track, which attracts the most attention of young people, was renovated by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Park and Gardens Department.


As part of the work carried out by the Parks and Gardens Department, the old parts of the track were dismantled. The old surface material of the current runway has been removed. The rotten parts of the materials used as the base were changed. Parts that lost their function on the steel construction were replaced with new ones and painted. Surface materials were sanded and varnished by the teams. Various graphic works made in the CNC workshop were added at various points on the tracks.


Stating that they welcome the renewal of the track with joy, İrem Keskin; “I've been skating since I was a kid. We are very happy that this place has been renovated. Since I have been doing this sport since I was young, I have visited skateboard tracks in many cities. None of them were like the runway here. This is a beautifully designed track, made by calculating the jump angles. Over time, there was wear due to use. Now it has been renewed and it has been very beautiful. Turkey's finger was shown a park, "he said.


stating that skateboarding athletes prepare for competition here in Turkey Caner Saba; “I met this track in 2006, when it was first established. In 2011 and in 2012 was competition in Turkey. I also took third in both Turkey. I prepared for those competitions in this park. There has been a serious renewal in our park. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, ”he said.

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