The pandemic Decreased Increased in Turkey Truck Sales in Europe

In pandemic sales of trucks in Europe increased by diminished turkiyede
In pandemic sales of trucks in Europe increased by diminished turkiyede

In a pandemic, new truck sales in Europe decreased 27,3%, new truck sales in Turkey increased by 122,9%, Pandemic negative in Europe over 16 tons with effect lorries and trailers sales in 2020 compared to the previous year It was 27,3 thousand 198 units with a decrease of 352%. The heavy commercial vehicle market contracted 26% in Germany, 25,8% in France and 22,1% in Spain.

In Turkey, Heavy Commercial Vehicle Association (TAİD) According to data from 2020, after 16 tonne heavy commercial vehicle market than in sales of 7 thousand 300, 16 thousand 270 rises, increased by 122,9% compared to the previous year. Semi-Trailer vehicle market, on the other hand, reached 197 units with an increase of 7% compared to the same period of the previous year. Briefly, in 231, new truck sales in Europe decreased by 2020% and appealing, and attractive new truck sales in Turkey increased by 27,3%.

Noting that the positive developments in the Turkish truck market despite the pandemic give hope to the logistics industry, TTT Global Group Chairman Dr. Akın Arslan said: “In our country, an average of 450 trucks of FTL are transported every day. More than 1.2 million SRC certified truck drivers eat their bread here. The unique dynamics of the Turkish truck market have also shown themselves in the pandemic. the global truck makers, what Turkey is a dynamic market until they have seen and indispensable market once again. The $ 100 billion Turkish logistics industry has entered the year 2021 with hope. If the Turkish logistics industry provides end-to-end digital transformation with Tırport and is supported with the right investments, it can reach $ 2030 trillion by 1 ”.

FTL transport 450 thousand made by Turkey in a day, 95% of the trucks belonging to individuals

Turkey is Europe's largest truck market have underlined that the TTT Global Group President Dr. Akın Arslan explained the following:

“Our country is Europe's largest truck market with more than 850 thousand trucks on the roads, 1.2 million SRC certified truck drivers, nearly 8 thousand shipping companies of various sizes and daily 450 thousand truck transport traffic. 95% of trucks in Turkey belong to third parties. As a matter of fact, while the rate of self-ownership in logistics companies was 10% 40 years ago, today this rate has fallen below 10%. Many large logistics companies do not have self-owned trucks. Turkey's large throughput with 10 logistics company is owned average rate is below 20%. The increasingly severe economic conditions have quickly missed the logistics companies engaged in contract logistics from self-owned in the last 10 years. Because about 100-120 thousand Euros is invested in a new truck. Freight prices of that tightrope, in return burden of always waiting in ambush in Turkey that problem, someone who invested trucks, passing the time 10 year return on investment. Because of the increasing depreciation and maintenance costs, this is an impatiently long time. For this reason, 95% of the trucks in our country belong to individuals and more than 1 million families earn their bread here ”.

65% of trucks on the road in Turkey, over the age of 11

Stating that the increase in truck sales will continue this year as in the previous year and one of the reasons for this is to renew the trucks, TTT Global President Dr. Akın Arslan continued his speech as follows:

"According to data from January 2021, 3 million 938 thousand 732 registered lorry traffic in Turkey's 859 thousand 670 trucks. Only 14,8% of these are in the 0-5 age range. As of early 2021, 65% of trucks on the road in Turkey, while 51% of the truck is more than 11 years. Whereas, 61% of trucks in the European Union and the UK are between the ages of 0-5. 82% of trucks in Germany are younger than 5 years old. Rapidly evolving environmental sensitivities of the age group of trucks and vans in Turkey, as compared with Europe, it can bring the risk dimension. In the period ahead, will accelerate the process of renewal of trucks in Turkey and can say that the sales volume will continue to increase in the new truck market, "he said.

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