Palandöken Ski Center Will Provide Energy Savings

The ski center will save energy
The ski center will save energy

Mehmet Sekmen, the Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, said, "We have achieved a significant acceleration in energy efficiency for the winter tourism of our city with the Environmentally Friendly Winter Tourism Cooperation Project with the Bulgarian city of Bansko".

President Sekmen hosted the delegation, which included athletes, in his office, regarding the "Environmental Winter Tourism Cooperation Project" carried out by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the City Twinning Grant Program between Turkey and the European Union. Gold medals and cups in ski races held in Bulgaria kazanPresident Sekmen, who also met with skiers from Erzurum, emphasized the importance of the project in his evaluation on the subject. Sekmen said, “With the Environmental Winter Tourism Cooperation Project, which we have been implementing for more than a year, we closely examined the ski resorts in Europe. During our contacts in Bulgaria, we made important determinations and initiatives, especially on energy efficiency. I hope we will implement new energy systems for the prevention of energy losses and energy saving in our Palandöken Ski Center, as in the Solar Power Plants implemented in our city. Reminding that Bansko in Bulgaria and Erzurum will be “Sister Cities”, Mayor Sekmen said, “Bulgaria's Bansko city and our ancient city Erzurum will be sister cities. Thus, cooperation between the two summit cities of winter tourism in the fields of culture, tourism and sports will increase even more.


Evaluating the work carried out within the scope of the "Environmental Winter Tourism Cooperation Project" between Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Bansko Municipality, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Zafer Aynalı noted that the project in question is of great importance for Erzurum. Aynalı said: “Within the scope of the 'Environmental Winter Tourism Cooperation Project' between Turkey and the European Union, carried out by the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Resource Development and Subsidiaries Department, EU and Foreign Relations Branch, prepared within the scope of the 'City Twinning Grant Program', the Bansko and Erzurum line We have made important contacts between the two countries and we have carried out effective works for strategic, cultural and sportive partnerships. In addition, ski races were organized in both countries within the scope of friendship relations between Turkey and Bulgaria. Our athletes from Erzurum showed great success in the ski competitions organized. In the meantime, we conveyed the greetings of our Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Sekmen, to Bansko Mayor Ivan Kadev, within the scope of visiting tours. In the meantime, we also visited our Ambassador to Sofia, Mrs. Aylin Eightkök. In sportive races, our Turkish athletes Ali Dolaman, Umut Aktaş, Emirhan Ayyıldız, Melek Cemre Ergün and İnci Özdemir have gold medals and trophies in the giant slalom, slalom and GS races. kazanHe made our country proud.”


“Environmentally Friendly Winter Tourism Cooperation Project” realized between Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Bansko Municipality is based on the cooperation of local governments in Erzurum and Bansko, where winter tourism is widespread. The project also aims to raise awareness on energy efficiency and to take measures, to increase energy saving practices in Palandöken and Bansko Ski Centers, to draw a road map for the use of alternative energy resources in two regions, and to spread environmentalist practices in Bansko and Palandöken Ski Centers.

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