Örnekköy Urban Transformation Project 2nd Phase Works Started

ornekkoy urban transformation project phase works started
ornekkoy urban transformation project phase works started

The foundation of the second phase of the ongoing urban transformation works of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Örnekköy was laid with a ceremony attended by CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Speaking at the ceremony, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “You will not see that those who have apartments due to urban transformation are exiled to other regions. You will see that those people benefit from the rent there. In this process, you will see the municipality that provides the assurance ”.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka He laid the foundations of the second phase of the ongoing urban transformation works in Örnekköy with a ceremony attended by CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which handed over 18 residences and 130 workplaces to the beneficiaries in the first stage in the urban transformation area of ​​13 hectares, will rebuild 170 houses and 20 workplaces within the scope of the second stage.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, CHP Deputy Chairmen Seyit Torun, Ahmet Akın and Ali Öztunç, CHP PM members Devrim Barış Çelik, Rifat Nalbantoğlu and Semra Dinçer, CHP PM member and CHP İzmir Deputy Ednan Arslan, CHP İzmir MPs Sevda Erdan Kılıç, Murat Bakan, Kani Beko, Atilla Sertel, Mahir Polat, Bedri Serter, Tacettin Bayır, Özcan Purçu and Tuncay Özkan, CHP İzmir Province Chair Deniz Yücel, district mayors and citizens participated.

"Each of our mayors is writing history"

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who started his speech by saying that 6 million young people will vote for the first time, said, "Believe me, young people, believe me, we will drive the engines to the blue, you will be the captain."

Reminding the CHP's slogan of "March is the end of spring" in the local elections, CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu said: "Our mayors said 'the end of March will be spring' in local elections and we did. Now we have the second big step. After the performance of local governments, we will take the second big step together with our friends. We will bring democracy, republic, freedom and equality between men and women to this beautiful country. We will end violence against women in this beautiful country. Our municipalities take the first step. All our local governments are working extraordinarily. Each of our mayors really makes history. They blamed us. They said do not vote for CHP municipalities, if they come, the aid will be cut, they cannot produce services. Our president involved in all of Turkey's geography continue to write the history, despite all the pressure. I am proud of all our mayors. "

"The people there should benefit before the rent"

Referring to the urban transformation efforts, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Living in cities is a good thing. People living in the city want to live in an environment that is at peace with the city. Every person wants their neighborhood culture not to be lost. People have memories and want to keep them alive. It wants them to be preserved while urban transformation is being made. Our mayors pay attention to these principles. If you are transforming the places in the city center with high rent, the people there should benefit before the rent. We need to transform the lives of those people to be satisfied. It is similar here. You will see green areas, schools, social reinforcement areas. Our brothers and sisters will benefit from all the opportunities of living in the city, ”he said.

"Citizen and contractor will never come face to face"

Stating that CHP municipalities are carrying out urban transformation studies in many places, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “You will not see that those who have apartments due to urban transformation are exiled to other regions. You will see that those people benefit from the rent there. In this process, you will see the municipality providing the assurance. Citizen and contractor will never come face to face. It will be Metropolitan in between. People will demolish their homes with drums and move to their new homes with beauty. This is our understanding of urban transformation. There will be no concrete forests. You will see trees and birds. You will travel in peace. We are the CHP. We work for human, people-oriented. We do not separate people, we embrace all people. Regardless of geography, people have a place above our heads. We are honored to serve people. We would like to thank our mayors who brought this service to you. Cities should also be livable for people with disabilities. Our mayors also pay attention to this issue. We are not only in the cities, there are also other creatures outside of us. We must also respect the creatures other than us. "This is the working philosophy of our mayors."

"We started the construction of 2 thousand 200 independent units"

Speaking at the ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that the municipality continues to make the risky residential areas in the city safe in stages. Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that there are three basic principles in order to realize the transformation in Izmir: "the transformation is based on consensus", "the transformation is carried out on site" and "the transformation takes place under the guarantee and guarantee of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality". He said that they received 6 thousand square meters of title deed transfer from the beneficiaries. Mayor Soyer said, “We handed over 345 independent sections and delivered them to the rightful owners with the title deed. We started the construction of 1000 thousand 2 independent units. We signed a protocol with Izbeton for the construction of 200 independent units. We made the flat for flat tender of 1000 independent units. "We have completed all the reconciliation, transfer, title deed and zoning applications of approximately 1218 thousand 4 independent sections and made them ready for the construction tender."

Healthy housing for 6 thousand citizens

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer noted that urban transformation works became a priority once again after the 30 October Izmir earthquake, and reminded that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality companies also decided to participate in tenders in order to accelerate urban transformation efforts. Stating that they have overcome the obstruction in the market by accelerating the process that has slowed down in urban transformation since 2016 with the participation of Izbeton, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, Soyer said, “As a part of these works, today in Örnekköy; In the second, third and fourth stages, we came together for the construction work of a total of 200 independent units consisting of residences and workplaces. We reached a compromise with almost all of the residents of the region, signed the contracts and received their deeds. "When our project, which continues in stages in the 6-hectare Örnekköy Urban Transformation Area where about 18 thousand people live, is completed, we will have built 3 thousand 520 houses and 338 workplaces in total."

"We will support the studies"

Karşıyaka In his speech, Mayor Cemil Tugay said that the earthquake that took place in İzmir on October 30 left traces in memories. Tugay said, “After the earthquake, we once again realized that we should prioritize urban transformation efforts. Our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been conducting exemplary work on urban transformation for years, has accelerated the urban transformation works that it has carried out on site and in full agreement with the citizens. We thank Mr. Tunç Soyer and his team. In the works initiated under the priority of our Bronze President Karşıyaka As the municipality, we will always be ready to do our part, ”he said.

Transformation continues on 248 hectares

Within the scope of the project, a two-storey new market area with a closed area of ​​4 thousand 200 square meters, approximately 30 thousand square meters of open and closed parking areas for vehicles, a sports facility building with a closed area of ​​3 thousand 500 square meters and social areas will be built. At the same time, with the project, 68 thousand square meters of green area and 20 thousand square meters of social reinforcement area will be added to this area. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka Urban transformation in a total area of ​​18 hectares, including 32 hectares in Örnekköy District, 55 hectares in Karabağlar Uzundere District, 122 hectares in Konak Ege and Ballıkuyu Neighborhood, 21 hectares in Gaziemir Aktepe and Emrez Neighborhood, 248 hectares in Çiğli Güzeltepe District. conducts the study.



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