New Mobile Game from the Producers of PUBG: PUBG: NEW STATE

new mobile game from pubgnin makers pubg new state
new mobile game from pubgnin makers pubg new state

📩 16/03/2021 15:33

PUBG: NEW STATE, the new mobile version of PUBG, one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, will pass in 2051, announced by its publisher Krafton.

PUBG: NEW STATE, specially prepared for the mobile platform, was pre-registered on Google Play just after it was officially announced by its publisher Krafton in recent weeks. With the announcement that players who pre-registered for PUBG: NEW STATE will have 'permanent vehicle costumes', the number of pre-registered players exceeding 1 million in 5 week has revealed the extent of the interest in the game. Although the game, which was developed by the creators of the original PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), can only be pre-registered on Google Play, it will start to be pre-registered soon on the AppStore.

According to the information obtained, the game will offer the most realistic battle royale experience available on mobile. In PUBG: NEW STATE, which will pass in 2051, players will be able to explore the new map, experience graphics that go beyond the boundaries of mobile games, and enjoy the improved battlefield with new futuristic weapons and vehicles.

Oyunfor General Manager Mehmet Dumanoğlu: ¨PUBG: He is waiting for NEW STATE at least as much as the players and the game-specific pins; credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and to provide players with alternative payment methods such as mobile payment and I work for years PUBG Mobileye special pins of undertaking authorized dealer and one of Turkey's largest digital game sales sites LiveDown is, PUBG adventure to PUBG: NEW It will continue where it left off with STATE.

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