NATO Turkish S / UAV registers the power of Bayraktar TB2

nato turk s ihasi has registered the power of Bayraktar TB
nato turk s ihasi has registered the power of Bayraktar TB

Bayraktar TB2, developed by BAYKAR and proving its age in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, continues to make a sound in the world. While dozens of countries announced their intention to acquire this weapon system, the international press reported that Turkish UAVs created a game-changing effect in wars by putting them on their pages. NATO was the last to register the power of TB2. A published report revealed the success of the UAV.

In the report titled "Comprehensive Approach to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" prepared by the Joint Air Force Center of Excellence (JAPCC) within NATO, the power of Bayraktar TB2s was mentioned.

In the report, which consists of 5 different parts, Bayraktar TB2 was discussed under the subtitle of the second part of the report named “Offensive Counter-Air Operations”. Under this heading, UAVs and missile defense systems developed against UAVs were evaluated.


Bayraktar TB2s were mentioned in the continuation of the evaluation regarding the Pantsir batteries. Bayraktar TB2 on the use of tactical UAV in the NATO report "successful example" in showing "Turkey, for the first time in Idlib sihai held in Spring Operation Shield was used as a primary factor. Turkey, where the target was hit with numerous sihai. These Turkish-made SİHAs hit and destroyed a wide variety of military targets, including tanks, air defense systems, howitzers, and military bases to ensure the safety of ground troops. This is evidence of the effectiveness of UAVs in Close Air Support (CAS) ”.

In the report, which emphasized that the active Pantsir system in Syria poses a serious danger to such UAVs and is a target that should be hit immediately, it was explained with the following sentences that the Russian system in Idlib could not achieve this:

“The active Pantsir S-1 system was a major danger to UAVs and had to be destroyed immediately. The Pantsir S-1's active system could not detect the small and smart ammunition fired from Bayraktar TB2, even though it was within radar range, due to intense electronic warfare measures. "

Bayraktar TB


The report states that Bayraktar TB2's success in Syria has had a devastating effect on the enemy ranks both physically and psychologically, “NATO may need to consider using tactical drones to neutralize enemy systems. The lessons to be learned to increase operational efficiency against İHASAVAR systems and to adapt to threats and the changing nature of armed conflict can be transferred to NATO ”. With this discourse, it was the first time that Turkish UAVs were integrated into NATO.


In the report, it was noted that UAVs such as Bayraktar TB2 and weapon systems trying to stop it grew very rapidly. While it is reported that these vehicles have a serious power multiplier in the field, it is reported that countries will continue to develop them.

At the end of the report, it was emphasized that the environment of wars changed a lot, the capabilities of the enemies were developing rapidly, and the military role of these two technologies was growing at an unprecedented rate, emphasizing that NATO should rapidly evaluate innovative ideas in order to maintain its superiority.


Haluk Bayraktar, who recently joined İbrahim Haskoloğlu's Twitch broadcast, mentioned TB2's game changer role and said, “We saw it in the last victory in Karabakh. More than 50 air defense systems, around 140 tanks and 100s of multi-barreled rocket launchers were destroyed there thanks to SİHAs. SİHAs are game changing systems in this respect. They could not stop Bayraktar TB2 for even one hour. Bayraktar TB2 is always in the air ”.

Source: NEWS7

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