Move From Kardemir to Finish Railway Wheel Imports

visit to tcdd tasimacilik as and turasas kardemiri
visit to tcdd tasimacilik as and turasas kardemiri

a leading role with Karabük Iron and Steel Factory in Turkey's industrialization drive (Kardemir), since the establishment of "National Industry" driving force of the concept, has played an important role in the realization of many heavy industrial plants in Turkey. With the privatization process in 1995, it adopted a new vision. For this purpose, following the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the factory in 2007, the rail systems adventure, which started with the rail and profile rolling mill, continues with high value-added products such as railway wheels.

In line with the investments made by the state in this field, it eliminates foreign dependency especially in the need for rail systems; In Turkey, one of the world's leading railway wheel Kardemir having production facilities in the railway wheel as in other products also struggling with foreign dependence. While Kardemir renews its production technologies, it continues to increase its capacity and product range with the new investments it has launched.

It is observed that the private sector will enter railway transportation with the plans of TCDD for railway transportation and the liberalization of the railways, and it is observed that the importance of railway transportation will increase even more in the world and in our country. In coordination with the increase in rail transport, both TCDD's and private sector's locomotive, wagon and other railway transport car parks continue to increase significantly.

In this context, the most important rail transportation equipment, which the railways and railway wheel is still the only manufacturer Kardemir between Turkey and countries in the region, helping speed the locomotive and wagon wheel manufacturing; TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. and Turkey Rail Vehicle Industry Co. (TURASAŞ) met with the managers. During the visit the factory site, Turkey's only and the world's No. Kardemir railway wheel production facility will be developed with cooperation between the two institutions were tabled.

At the meeting, where the need for railway wheels was brought to the agenda in line with the state's 2023 goals, the need for railway wheels was brought to the agenda, emphasizing domestic and national production. It was underlined that the supply of Kardemir, which is the domestic manufacturer of the railway wheel, which is one of the biggest equipment of freight and passenger transportation, has a great contribution to the country's economy. The company, which will be able to meet all the needs in our country with the production of 200.000 rail wheels, will continue to be a leader in the development of domestic and national industry, as well as collaborations with well-established institutions such as TCDD, as well as with the countries in the world and the region.



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