Minister Varank Tries HAVELSAN's Sniper Simulator

minister varank tried the sniper simulator of havelsan
minister varank tried the sniper simulator of havelsan

During his visit to HAVELSAN, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank received information about the company's completed and ongoing projects and shot with a sniper simulator.

During the visit, Minister Varank was welcomed by HAVELSAN Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Murat Şeker and General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar.

After the presentation of the company's projects, Varank examined solutions such as the Virtual Maintenance Training System, F-16 Simulator, Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator at the Simulation, Autonomous and Platform Management Technologies Center.

Having learned about the systems developed and produced by HAVELSAN, Varank fired with the Sniper Training Simulator and successfully hit the target 600 meters away. Minister Varank also examined the middle class multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle Barkan and other systems.


Later, Varank made a statement regarding his visit to HAVELSAN, and explained that they discussed the current projects of the company and the projects carried out with TÜBİTAK, the affiliate of the ministry.

Varank, who also stated that they evaluated the projects of HAVELSAN regarding the shares it plans to buy from world trade in the next period, emphasized that the company is particularly strong in the field of command and control systems.

Varank, the company's simulation technology not only in Turkey but also in the world "brand" which could attract attention, "black car next to the flight simulators and training simulators facing staff can also develop. We just tried the sniper simulator. Previously, when our Minister Hulusi Akar visited here, he had made a firing attempt from 450 meters, but I raised the bar a little, I fired from 600 meters. Now, let me make a joke that the sweet competition will continue from now on. " he spoke.

Information technology and cyber security-related Turkey's needs are met and Varank indicating that the next global brand may be the product of önemsediklerini HAVELSAN's activities in the extraction point market, "and depends on both the Ministry and both of our respective organizations in Turkey, especially in the public side with our Digital Transformation Office We will continue to pursue the projects that need it. " found the assessment.


Varank, referring to HAVELSAN's new facility works in Ankara, said that the company will achieve even more successful works with the opening of this facility.

Pointing out that the company sells products in the Middle East and Far East as well as Western countries in the fields of simulation and other technology, Varank said, “The company has projects related to information security and command control systems in the Middle East. It has close relations with Qatar and Gulf countries, and keeps track of the projects here. During this period, he is following his defense industry projects with friendly and allied countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. " said.

Varank, noting the success of Turkey's defense industry, "genuine and original products developed by Turkey speaks all over the world. Therefore, HAVELSAN has intensified its cooperation projects with other countries while meeting the needs of our own military, air and naval forces in terms of simulators, command control systems and information security. These collaborations will continue in the upcoming period. " used the expression.

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